(Well, sort of)

Hi folks!

(This was the Web site for Dr Talib's section of the module [last taught by me during the 1998-99 academic year, 1st semester]).

I am concentrating this semester (1998-99, 1st semester) on the quizzes and the video clips in the links below: so why don't you give them a try!

  1. The EL2102 Quiz Page.
  2. Video clips on Part 2 of English Structure and Meaning (by Dr Wee and I). Some of these clips are still under construction. But you may want to take a look at what's available. (Due to constraints of space, all the clips have been taken off).
  3. The EL2102 newsgroup (1998-99 academic year). The newsgroup is called  nus.class.el2102 . You can read and post messages in Leonis.  If you're using the Netscape browser (Netscape 4 or Communicator is recommended), the server to use is news.nus.edu.sg, as this news server will allow you not only to read the messages but to post to the newsgroup as well. Of course, you may be able to access it by using other web-based news servers in NUSNET, but they will only allow you to read the messages. I will be posting occasional messages in the newsgroup.
      Well bye for now and enjoy yourself! 

      Dr Ismail S Talib *