Narrative Theory


By Ismail S Talib

Table of Contents

Note: This is the table of contents of this book specifically for GEH1051, with its selective readings of some of the chapters (those indicated with asterisks below). Click here for the table of contents of the textbook itself. Chapters not needed for the module this academic year are not linked (you can refer to the textbook if you want to read them).

1.  Definitions of Narrative*
 2.  Beginnings and Ends of Narrative
 3.  Setting
 4.  Character*
 5.  Events
 6.  Plot
 7.  The Narrator*
 8.  Schema

 9.  Genres*
10. Narrative Production
11. Cinematic Narrative*
12. Symbol and Allegory 
13. Morality: Narrative and Ethics

      Index of Names