Narrative: Some Inter-Disciplinary Connections

The connections of narrative to various disciplines are extensive. The following list represents only a selection of what can be freely found on the Internet. The GEK1049 module, of course, will not be exploring any of the following inter-disciplinary connections in great detail. You will also notice that each discipline (with some individual and sub-disciplinary variations), explore its connections to narrative in different ways. Some of them connect narrative to the content of their disciplines, while others use it to structure the writing and exposition done within their disciplines. Some of the connections below may be quite peripheral, while others may be quite substantial, requiring at least some knowledge of the theoretical considerations that we will be discussing in this course.
     Some of the e-zines that I curate, may also be of relevance here: Business & Narrative,; Video Game Narrative,; Politics & Narrative,; Film Directing,; and The Cinematographer,


Accountancy Anthropology Architecture & Landscape Design

Artificial Intelligence

Biological Exposition

Communications, Journalism & Media Studies

Computer & Video Games Education Evolutionary Theory
Folklore History Law
Linguistics & Discourse Analysis Management Marketing and Advertising
Mathematical Exposition Medicine Painting
Philosophy Politics Psychology
Science (General) Semiotics Social Science (General)
Sociology Theology Therapy
Writing and Composition    


Digital Storytelling Engages Tech-savvy Accounting Students Knowledge@SMU (September 02, 2008)
Narrative reporting: how alike are like-for-likes? by Brian Rutherford


Interpreting people as they interpret themselves: Narrative in medical anthropology and family medicine by Nili Kaplan-Myrth Canadian Family Physician 53.8 (August 2007): 1268-1269
Narratives of Leadership: Oral History and the (Re)production of Tradition by Brian Thom
Symbolic Anthropology, by Yutaka Yamada

Architecture & Landscape Design

Bio-regional patterns and spatial narratives for integrative landscape research and design by Janet Silbernagel (2005)
Designing Architectural Experiences Using Computers to Construct Temporal 3D Narratives by Julio Bermudez

Artificial Intelligence

A Brief Overview of the Narrative Intelligence Reading Group by Marc Davis & Michael Travers
Children and Technology: Story-Listening Systems by Justine Cassell
Computational Narratology by Joseph Goguen
Emotional Characters for Automatic Plot Creation Mariët Theune et al.
Interactive Storytelling: the Rise of a New Game Genre? by Marc Cavazza
Mediation in Mimesis Liquid Narratives by C. J. Saretto & R. Michael Young
Narrative Intelligence, edited by Michael Mateas & Phoebe Sengers
Narrative Planning: Balancing Plot and Character by Mark Owen Riedl, PhD thesis in Computer Science (North Carolina State University)
Narrative theory and emergent interactive narrative by Sandy Louchart and Ruth Aylett Int. J. Continuing Engineering Education and Lifelong Learning 14.6 (2004): 506-18
On the Evolving Transformation System Model Representation of Fairy Tales by Sean Falconer, MA thesis, University of New Brunswick, Canada (2003)
Quotes and Excerpts about Stories: On the Subtlety of Language IBM Research
Small Talk and Conversational Storytelling in Embodied Conversational Interface Agents by T. Bickmore, J. Cassell
Towards Integrating AI Story Controllers and Game Engines: Reconciling World State Representations by Mark O. Riedl
Use Case Analysis with Narrative Semiotics by Sky Marsen, Robert Biddle & James Noble Technical Report CS-TR-03-10 (May 2003), Victoria University of Wellington

See also Computer and Video Games below.

Biological Exposition

Adopt Narrative Biological Criteria (US Environmental Protection Agency)
Biological storytelling: a software tool for biological information organization based upon narrative structure
Narrative on Health, Ecology, Biodiversity and Ethnobiology (Univ. Cal., Berkeley)
Narrative Statement of Michael S. Kelly, Fishery Biologist

Communications, Journalism & Media Studies

Blogging and Journalistic Practice by Christopher Harper
Interactive narrative as a multi-temporal agency by Neil Brown et al. Future Cinema eds. Jeffrey Shaw & Peter Weibel. Massachusetts: MIT Press. 312-315 (2003)
Narrative and Mobile Media by Scott Ruston & Jen Stein (May 2005)
Narratives come in 2 types and thousands of flavors by Daniel G. Fricker
On Defining Narrative Media by Marie-Laure Ryan Image & Narrative 6 (Feb 2003)
Sitcom: What It Is, How It Works: NeoAristotelian Analysis by Richard F. Taflinger (1996)
Walter Fisher's Narrative Paradigm
What is Narrative, Anyway? A Craft Dialogue: Part 1, Part 2 & Part 3 by Chip Scanlan (2003)
Why Narrative Matters As Newspapers Struggle by Bill Kirtz (5 Dec 2005)
from News Form & News Content

Computer & Video Games

Allegories of Space: The Question of Spatiality in Computer Games by Espen Aarseth
Beyond Myth and Metaphor The Case of Narrative in Digital Media by Marie-Laure Ryan Game Studies 1.1
A Clash between Game and Narrative MA thesis by Jesper Juul
Computer Games as Storytelling by Niko Silvester
Computer Games, Narrative, and Special Effects MLA convention special session organised by Andrew MacTavish & Geoffrey Rockwell
Do we want to play interactive stories? Guardian Unlimited (5 April 2005)
Game Design as Narrative Architecture (Henry Jenkins) Electronic Book Review (10 July 2004)
The Game Design Process by François Dominic Laramée
Games Telling Stories? -A brief note on games and narratives by Jesper Juul Game Studies 1.1 (July 2001)
The Gameplay Gestalt, Narrative, and Interactive Storytelling by Craig A. Lindley
Genre and the Video Game by Mark J. P. Wolf, Chapter 6 of The Medium of the Video Game (2002)
Internet-Based Games by R. Michael Young from Practical Handbook of Internet Computing
Making Sense of Software: Computer Games and Interactive Textuality by Ted Friedman (1995)
Miniature Gardens & Magic Crayons: Games, Spaces, & Worlds MA thesis by Chaim Gingold, Georgia Institute of Technology (April 2003)
Names and Narrative (blog entry) by Joshua Fairfield
Narrative and Interactivity by Tomas Rawlings
The Narrative Design Explorer by Stephen E. Dineharton:
Player Character Design Facilitating Emotional Depth in MMORPGs by Mirjam Eladhari & Craig A. Lindley  Digital Games Research Conference 2003
Rethinking Agency and Immersion: videogames as a means of consciousness-raising by Gonzalo Frasca
The slow fusion of play and storytelling by L. M Smith (3 Oct 2004)
Solving the Narrative Paradox in VEs – Lessons from RPGs by Sandy Louchart & Ruth Aylett
Story, Plot & Narrative by Chris Bateman (blog entry, 18 Aug 2005)


Can Plot Improve Pedagogy? Novel Textbooks Give It a Try by Alison Schneider The Chronicle of Higher Education (May 11, 2001)
Classroom narrative: Meeting Lulu by Nathalie Sinclair 10 June, 2003
In Praise of Storytelling in the Teaching of Computer Science and Math by Christos H. Papadimitriou
Learners' Lives: A Narrative Analysis by Heather J. Richmond The Qualitative Report 7.3 (September, 2002)
Learning “Race” at the Bus Stop: Developing Personal Narrative as Pedagogy in Antiracist Education by Andrew Wojecki
Narrative and Stories in Adult Teaching and Learning by Marsha Rossiter, ERIC Digest.
Narrative as a Cultural Tool for Experiential Learning in Teacher Education
The Power of Storytelling: How Oral Narrative Influences Children's Relationships in Classrooms by Robin Mello International Journal of Education & the Arts 2.1 (February 2001 ).

Evolutionary Theory

Human Evolution as Narrative by Misia Landau American Scientist 72 (1984): 262-268.
The Narrative Intelligence Hypothesis: In Search of the Transactional Format of Narratives in Humans and Other Social Animals by Kerstin Dautenhahn
The Narrative of Evolution by Rebecca Donatelli
The origins of narrative by Kerstin Dautenhahn International Journal of Cognition and Technology 1:1 (2002), 97–123.


Mythology and Narrative
Vladimir Propp by Dmitry A. Olshansky


Hayden White or history as narrative: A constructive approach to historiography by Paul Sutermeister (2005)
Livy's characterization of individuals and races in Book 21 by Martin Foulkes Histos 3 (1999)
Narrative and Historiography: Writing the France of the Occupation by Philippe Carrard Style (Summer 2000)
Narrative history (wikipedia)

Narrative, Moral Identity and Historical Consciousness: a Social Constructionist Account (1998) by Kenneth J. Gergen
What history is by Professor Alun Munslow


Language, Judgment, and the Holocaust by Lawrence Douglas, Law and History Review 19.1 (Spring 2001)
Law and Literature by William Domnarski, Legal Studies Forum 27.1 (2003)
Lawyer as Storyteller by James R. Elkins
Legal Storytelling
Narrative Resistance and the Struggle for Stories by Kim Lane Scheppele, Legal Studies Forum 20.1-2 (1996)
On the Emergence of Narrative Jurisprudence: The Humanistic Perspective Finds a New Path by James R. Elkins, Legal Studies Forum 9.2 (1985).
The Place of Narrative in the Courtroom by Philip J. Candilis
Re-mapping Equal Protection Jurisprudence: A Legal Geography of Richmond v. Croson by Reginald Oh American University Law Review 53.6 (2004).
Telling stories about cases and clients: The ethics of narrative by Binny Miller, Georgetown Journal of Legal Ethics (Fall 2000).
Transcending the Debate on Legal Narrative by George H. Taylor, University of Pittsburgh School of Law Working Paper Series no. 11 (2005)

Linguistics & Discourse Analysis

Narrative Events by William Labov (2002)
The Narrative Function of Language and Children's Moral Development by E. V. Subbotsky
Narrative Models and Meaning by Per Aage Brandt P.O.V. 18 (Dec 2004)
Some Further Steps in Narrative Analysis by William Labov (1997)
Uncovering the event structure of narrative by William Labov (2001)
Using Story Re-tell in Bilingual assessment by Christina Schelletter & Tim Parke Academic Exchange Quarterly 8.3 (Spring 2004)


Authentic leadership and the narrative self by Raymond T. Sparrowe The Leadership Quarterly 16 (2005) 419–439.
Center for Narrative Studies
Imparting knowledge through storytelling, Part 1 by Tom Reamy
"Narrative leadership: using the power of stories" (short version) by David Fleming. Longer version in Strategy & Leadership 29.4 (2001).
Narrative Patterns: the perils and possibilities of using story in organisations by David J Snowden
Organisational Storytelling
Organisational Storytelling: Managing the Exchange of Identities by Søren Holm Knudsen & Richard Jones
Steve Denning: The website for business and organizational storytelling
    Mastering the discipline of business narrative by Steve Denning, Strategy & Leadership (forthcoming)
Story at
Story Dynamics
    Finding an Ending for a Story by Doug Lipman
    Midrash - The Key to Interpretation by Doug Lipman
Storytelling in Organizations
Storytelling in Organizations: The power and traps of using stories to share knowledge in organizations by Deborah Sole & Daniel Gray Wilson
Storytelling makes a comeback in an unlikely place by Les Chappell
Storytelling: Passport to Success in the 21st Century
    Why has the world gotten interested in storytelling?
Tell me a Story –A way to Knowledge by Dan Remenyi The Electronic Journal of Business Research Methodology 3.2 (2005): 133-140.

Marketing & Advertising

Communicating experiences: a narrative approach to creating service brand image Dan Padgett & Douglas Allen Journal of Advertising (Winter 1997)
Imagine yourself in the product: mental simulation, narrative transportation, and persuasion by Jennifer Edson Escalas Journal of Advertising (Summer 2004)
Making Marketing a Narrative by Brett Rolfe (31 July 2003)
Narrative Marketing TechTransform (7 Dec 2003)
Suppose Marketing Started Telling Stories… by Myra Stark, Saatchi & Saatchi (2003)
Who talks advertising? Literary theory and narrative "point of view." by Barbara B. Stern Journal of Advertising (Sept 1991)

Mathematical Exposition

Considering When Math and Stories Mix and When They Clash by John Allen Paulos ABC News (1 May 2005)
Embedding mathematics in the soul: narrative as a force in mathematics education by Apostolos Doxiadis
The mathematical logic of narrative by Apostolos Doxiadis
The Mystery of the Black Knight’s Noetherian Ring by Apostolos Doxiadis (2004)


Autopathography: the patient's tale by Jeffrey K Aronson BMJ 321 (23 December 2000): 1599-1602
Doctors' Stories: For a Bellevue Physician, Listening -- and Writing -- Are Key by Melissa Block (National Public Radio)
Narrative Medicine by Rita Charon
Narrative based medicine by John Launer
Narrative based medicine: A narrative approach to mental health in general practice by John Launer BMJ  318(7176) (9 January 1999): 117–119
Narrative based medicine in an evidence based world (extract) by Trisha Greenhalgh BMJ 318 (30 January1999): 323-325
Narrative Medicines: Challenge and Resistance by David Morris The Permanente Journal 12.1 (Winter 2008): 88-96.
Program in Narrative Medicine (programme offered at Columbia University)
Stories we could tell: a look into narrative medicine by Clinton Colmenares
Stories we hear and stories we tell: analysing talk in clinical practice by Glyn Elwyn & Richard Gwyn BMJ 318 (16 January 1999):186-188
Why study narrative? by Trisha Greenhalgh & Brian Hurwitz BMJ 318 (2 January 1999): 48-50
The Word Spy - narrative medicine


'And when did you last see your father', The Painting Walker Art Gallery
Mute Narratives by Göran Sonesson (1995)
Narrative, Glossary: Tate Online
The Narrative Paintings of Hung Liu (Polk Museum of Art)
Narratives by Dean Nimmer
Painting...> Narrative Encyclopedia Britannica
Scott Murphy, "New Narrative Paintings" (Art Review) by Julia Durst 24 Oct 2003
A Story Being Told by Christina Vassallo
Tales from the Easel (Polk Museum of Art):
    American Narrative Paintings from Southeastern Museums, 1800-1950
    Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century American Narrative Paintings, circa 1800-1950: 1 & 2 by Dr. Charles C. Eldredge
    Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century American Narrative Paintings from Southeastern Museums, circa 1800-1950



Articulation, the Letter, and the Spirit in the Aesthetics of Narrative by Hugo Liu Proceedings of the 1st ACM workshop on Story representation, mechanism and context


Narrative Knowledge: Knowing through Storytelling by Sarah Worth
A Novel Approach to Knowing: Integrating Narrative Literature and Virtue Epistemology by Lauren Dammon


Narrative Explanation by J. David Velleman

Moral philosophy

“Biographical Lives” Revisited and Extended by William Ruddick, Journal of Ethics (forthcoming)
Can Fiction be Philosophy? by Margaret G. Holland
Charles Taylor and Paul Ricoeur on Self-Interpretations and Narrative Identity by Arto Laitinen
The Narrative Construction of Civic Freedom

Philosophy of self

Don Quixote and The Narrative Self by Stefán Snaevarr Philosophy Now (March/April 2007)
Philosophy Talk: Joshua Landy on “Reading, Narrative, and the Self” OLP & Literary Studies Online (5 Dec 2010)
The Self as a Center of Narrative Gravity by Daniel Dennett (1992)
The Self As Narrator by J. David Velleman
See also, the articles by Ruddick and by Laitinen under "Moral Philosophy" above.


In search of a political narrative by David Boyle
Kerry needs a narrative - and fast by Linda Colley The Guardian (September 27, 2004)
Narrative Analysis of Two On-line Political Simulations by Jeff Kupperman & Gary Weisserman Fourth International Conference of the Learning Sciences
“Nor Commit a Social Science” by Howard A. Doughty The Innovation Journal (20 June 2002)
Political Activism and Narrative Analysis: The Biographical Template and The Meat Pot by Brian Roberts Forum: Qualitative Social Research 5.3 Art. 10 (September 2004)
The Right's Moral Trouble by Fred Block Nation (30 September 2002)


Analyzing Cultural-Psychological Themes in Narrative Statements by Carl Ratner, Forum: Qualitative Social Research 2.3 (September 2001).
Kelly, Bannister and a Story Telling Psychology by Miller Mair
Narrative Psychology: Internet and Resource Guide, ed. Vincent W. Hevern
Narrative making sense & Narrative partitioning: Chapters 2 & 8 of Life as Fiction, by Kevin Murray
The paradox of narrative thinking by Francis F. Steen (published in the February 2005 issue of Journal of Cultural and Evolutionary Psychology).
Real Stories or Storied Realism? by Mike Wrigley Forum: Qualitative Social Research 2.2 (May 2001)
Understanding Good and Evil in Children's Literature by Renée Fuller (from

Science (General)

Cornell Nobel laureates address science, storytelling and pseudoscience in undergraduate conference by Alex Kwan
Science As Story Telling in Action: Evolution (or Revolution?) (Bryn Mawr)
Storied Theory by Roald Hoffmann American Scientist 93.4 (Jul-Aug 2005): 308.


Lecture Five: Dynamics in Narrative Structures by Franson D. Manjali, Cyber Semiotic Institute (1997)
Semiotics for Beginners: Syntagmatic Analysis by Daniel Chandler

Social Science (General)

Mission Drift in Qualitative Research, or Moving Toward a Systematic Review of Qualitative Studies, Moving Back to a More Systematic Narrative Review by Kip Jones, The Qualitative Report 9.1 (March 2004): 95-112.
Outcast Narrative by Harold Jaffe Electronic Book Review (1 Jan 1999)
A Review of Narrative Methodology by M Mitchell and M Egudo (Dept of Defence, Australia)
The Turn to a Narrative Knowing of Persons: One Method Explored by Kip Jones, Nursing Times Research (2002)


Analysis of Personal Narratives by Catherine Kohler Riessman (2000)
Creating a Sociology of Storytelling by Ken Plummer
Narrative and Religious Experience by David Yamane Sociology of Religion (Summer 2000)
Positioning Gender Identity in Narratives of Infertility: South Indian Women’s Lives in Context by Catherine Kohler Riessman
Religion and Narrative by Wade Clark Roof Review of Religious Research 34.4 (June, 1993)
Teams as Author: Narrative and Knowledge Creation in Case Discussions in Multi-Disciplinary Health Teams by A. Opie Sociological Research Online 2.3 (1997)
Why Study People’s Stories? The Dialogical Ethics of Narrative Analysis by Arthur W. Frank International Journal of Qualitative Methods 1.1 (Winter 2002)


Coincidence or Providence? Verse Commentary on Exodus 1:22-2:10 by Dennis Bratcher (2005)
Creating Biblical Figures by Thomas L. Thompson
Discerning the Story Structures In the Narrative Literature of the Bible by Barry McWilliams.
Guidelines for Interpreting Biblical Narrative by Dennis Bratcher
Hospitality and Characterization in Luke 11:37-54: A Socio-Narratological Approach by David B. Gowler Semeia 64 (1993): 213–251
Hans Frei and the Meaning of Biblical Narrative by William C. Placher
Jesus, God and narrative theology (blog entry) opensourcetheology
Narrative and Ethics in Barth by William Werpehowski Theology Today 43.3 (October 1986)
Narrative Criticism and the Hebrew Scriptures: A Review and Assessment by R. Christopher Heard Restoration Quarterly 38.1
Narrative theology (Wikipedia)
The Rhetoric of the Characterization of Jesus as the Son of Man and Christ in Mark by Paul Danove Biblica 84 (2003): 16-34
Theology of Narrative or Narrative Theology? by George Stroup Theology Today 47.4 (1991): 424-32
The Unreliable Narrator of Job by James W. Watts (2001)


About Narrative Therapy
Detoxifying Anger: A Narrative Therapy Approach by Dr Robert Rich (1999)
Narrative Therapy by Dian Marie Hosking
Narrative Therapy by Dr Robert Rich
Narrative Therapy by Michael White
Narrative Training Associates
Transformative narrative therapy by Paul T. P. Wong (5 Sept 2002)
Welcome to
What Is Narrative Therapy?

Writing and Composition

Job and course application

How to Prepare a Narrative Statement of Knowledge, Abilities, Skills and Other Characteristics (US Geological Survey)
Instructions for Narrative Statement (from Univ. of Wisconsin' School of Social Welfare)

Narrative composition

A Brief Guide to Writing Narrative Essays from The Online Writing Lab of Roane State Community College
Dishing the Personal Narrative: Its Present Classroom Ignominy, Its Classroom Potential by Anne E. Doyle Bridgewater Review 18.1 (1999)
Narrative Essay
The Narrative Essay by Daniel Kies
The Narrative Essay (Essay Info)
Narrative Writing
The Write of Passage: Reflections on Writing a Dissertation in Narrative Methodology by Chaim Noy Forum: Qualitative Social Research 4.2 (May 2003)


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