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CTHEORY is an international journal of theory, technology and culture. Articles, interviews, and key book reviews in contemporary discourse are published weekly as well as theorisations of major "event-scenes" in the mediascape. Edited by Arthur and Marilouise Kroker.

Cultural studies and Critical Theory.  There are some good links there too. 


And there is a useful Cultural Studies and Critical Theory site at eserver.org/theory/.


Gil Rodman's CULTSTUD-L Home Page.

Victor Grauer's Web Page. It's best to let this site explain itself. Some provocative thoughts and resources are here.

Voice of the Shuttle: Literary Theory is a web page within a web page (Voice of the Shuttle's web resources for the humanities). It is an indispensable resource for academic surfers and it contains links to sites, more resources and to text documents (e.g. complete Aristotle and Kant).

Illuminations: The Critical Theory Web Site is a WWW research resource for those interested in the Critical Theory project of the Frankfurt School. The site maintains a collection of articles, excerpts, and chapters from many contemporary writers of and about Critical Theory. Additional submissions from graduate students and others are also available, as are links to other websites and related sources.


General Literary Theory and Criticism Guides: this link will take you to the first of five pages of general literary theory and criticism guides, listed in rough alphabetical order of page titles.  The links are constantly being updated.  Please feel free to alert me to dead links as well as to relevant and interesting websites and I will, naturally, acknowledge your input.

Major Figures in Western Philosophy

Barnard Turner’s Thomas Pynchon Site

3 Cities: Literary and Visual Representations of Three American Cities, 1870s to 1930s.



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DaDa OnLine



Center for Modern French Thought





Links to pages dedicated to the Works of Jacques Derrida:

The page is divided into three parts:                  


                                                            Online Texts

                                                            Secondary Sources


For an alternative commentary:


“There is nothing outside the text”

What, really, is the meaning of this enigmatic sentence?


The following two sites might be useful:

Jacques Derrida is part of a postmodern theory page

A Derrida Site has many good links and a useful illustrated bibliography





  Futurism: Manifestos and Other Resources



150 Years of The Communist Manifesto
The Marx/Engels Archive



Contemporary Post-Colonial and Post-Imperial Literature in English






Modern and Contemporary American Poetry
The Waste Land: text and annotations



Walter Benjamin Research Syndicate
The Dialectics of Allegoresis: Historical Materialisms in Benjamins Illuminations




A Student Friendly Site with a nice photo and some useful links
On the Relation between Heidegger's Philosophy and Asian Thought
Heidegger's Last Seminar Translated into English with Translator's Notes
Deconstructing Heidegger



Mina Loy's Lunar Odyssey
Mina Loy Homepage
Modernist Women Writers: Mina Loy



The Freud Museum
Psychoanalytic Aesthetics: The British School
Psyche Matters



Bridging the Gap Where Cognitive Science Meets Literary Criticism
Come Into My Web: Literary Postcolonialism in the Information Technology Age
The Internet and the English Language
Reviews of Edward Said's Culture and Imperialism (1993)
The Virtual Spaces Of Postcoloniality: Rushdie, Ondaatje, Naipaul, Bakhtin and the Others





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