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Current Research:


*  Selected Publications 


*  Structure, Sign and Play: the website for the workshop, Forty Years of Structure, Sign and Play, to be held on 23-24 April 2007.


*  Lemmata: An Electronic Journal on Frameworks, Disciplines and Institutions.  This electronic e journal site is currently under construction.  The first issue will appear in September.  Go to the following link for notices and details of the advisory board: Lemmata.


*  Perpetuating Cities: the website for the workshop Perpetuating Cities, which was held on June 8 and 9 2001; two volumes have since been published: Postcolonial Urbanism: Southeast Asian Cities and Global Processes.  Edited by Ryan Bishop, John Phillips and Wei-Wei Yeo (New York: Routledge, 2003); and Beyond Description: Space Historicity Singapore. Edited by Ryan Bishop, John Phillips and Wei-Wei Yeo (London: Routledge, 2004).


*  City as Target: the website for the City as Target workshop that was held on 20-21 August 2004.


*  Angel: Reading the Postcard: as Promised, the preliminary and introductory remarks towards reading Jacques Derrida’s “Envois” (from The Post Card) have built towards a more engaged reading, now called “Angel.”


*  Links to entries on the Literary Encyclopedia


*  Ambiguity

*  Aristotle

*  Competence

*  The Sign

*  Langue and Parole





     Go to the current course pages below:


*  Advanced Critical Reading (EN 6102): These pages are dedicated to the Core Course, EN 6102, for Research Students in Literary Studies.


bd10299_  Topics in Cultural Studies (EN 5882): These pages are dedicated to the Topics in Cultural Studies.


*  Critical Theory (EN 4242): These pages are dedicated to the current version of the Critical Theory Course EN 4242. 


*  Shakespeare (EN 3226): These pages are dedicated to the level 3000 Shakespeare Course: EN 3226.  You can also consult Yong Li Lan’s Web Site (Yong Li Lan). 


*  Topics in the Twentieth Century: Modernism (EN 4224): This page contains the course outline and reading lists for EN 4224, as well as links to lectures and public web sites relating to Modernism.


*  Introduction to Cultural Studies: GEK1046: This page contains the course outline and reading lists for GEK1046, as well as links to lectures and public web sites relating to Cultural Studies (or if you have a password go on to the IVLE).




Miscellaneous Links:


*  Standards: If you want to know how to write an A grade essay, this is the place to go.


*  Absolute Difference: You will still find lots of materials there if you don’t mind the Angelfire advertising.


*  Bergen: Picture courtesy of Barnard Turner


*  Links: These links have recently been updated and are now on the main course web pages.   They feature pages that may be of use to anyone interested in critical and cultural theory, modernism and postmodernism, continental philosophy and other related topics. There you will also find the usual links to web dictionaries, encyclopedias and glossaries.


*  Time Warp: Look and listen!  Dr Phillips performs with his combo at the London Vortex, 1977.


*  Where Are You?



Commentaries and Articles:

The following pages provide articles, with many web page links, on key issues, terms and thinkers in critical and cultural theory:


TVM Compressed Image





  What is Literary Theory?

*  The Statement and the Enunciation

*  Who is the subject of Enunciation?

  Deconstruction Defined

  Derrida Pages




  Preface to Critical Theory

*  Modernity

*  Cogito

*  Martin Heidegger (life and work)

*  The Political

*  Walter Benjamin

*  Aura



  Signification I

  Signification II


  Structural Anthropology

*  Metaphor and Metonymy



*  Freud and Psychoanalysis

*  The Rhetoric of the Dreamwork

*  Jacques Lacan, Language and Sexuality

*  The Return to Melanie Klein

*  Bibliography for Psychoanalysis



  Structure, Sign and Play (Jacques Derrida)

  Différance (Jacques Derrida)

*  Semiology and Rhetoric (Paul de Man)

*  Power/Knowledge (Michel Foucault)

*  Deconstruction (Jacques Derrida)

*  Overdetermination (Sigmund Freud and Derrida)



  Derrida Pages

*  Lemmata: an expanded version of the text of a talk about deconstruction.



*  Lectures on Modernism (all the Modernism lectures and lecture notes)

*  Aesthetics and Politics

*  Out the Window on Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Man of the Crowd.”

*  The Legacy of Modernism

*  Postmodernism

*  Postmodernism & Postcolonialism

*  The Contemporary: the decelerating logic of the avant-garde

The article includes a brief commentary on the SENI festival for which this paper was commissioned.



*   Television

*   TV and Social Relations

*   Blind Date

*   TV References and Web Page Links





  Through Windows: The White Dawn of Modernity:


  Situating Klein: this paper, presented at the MLA in 1998 for the panel The Psychoanalysis of Winnicott and Klein in Literature and Theory, is also about two other greats (in different idioms): Immanuel Kant and John Coltrane.


  Halliday's Handshake: a version of the paper written for the 26th ISFC in July 1999.


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