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Online Texts

Secondary Sources



Guides to the Works of Jacques Derrida



An interview with J Hillis Miller regarding the future of critical theory.


Photo’s and Pictures

This is a site with comics and photos of Derrida put up by a Graduate Student.


Ten Ways of Thinking About Deconstruction

Willy Maley from the University of Glasgow has put up this quite useful site on defining (or rather not defining) deconstruction.


Derrida, Jacques - Bibliography

Explore this bibliography of the works of Jacques Derrida arranged both chronologically and alphabetically.


Derrida, Jacques - Biography

Biography abstracted from "Fifth Key Contemporary Thinkers" offers background on Derrida and an introductory analysis of his theories.


Derrida, Jacques - Books

Explore this list of available texts by Jacques Derrida with links to for quick purchase.


Derrida, Jacques - General Philosophy

Index of philosophy resources offers this section on Derrida. Follow links to essays, profiles, mailing lists, and parodies.


Derrida, Jacques -  Encyclopedia Article

Encyclopedic entry focused on Derrida


Derrida, Jacques - MSN Encarta

Obtain a succinct explanation of the deconstructionist's theories on the strata and mutability of written language.


Derrida, Jacques - Philosophy Forum Frigate

Join this forum dedicated to the discussion of Derrida's work and theories or visit the chat room for live conversations.


Derrida, Jacques -

Read a general introduction to Derrida and his deconstructionist theories and follow links to numerous related resources, essays, and interviews.


Derrida, Jacques - Presidential Lectures

Guide to the life and work of Derrida includes essays, interviews, a biography, a bibliography, and several links.


Derrida, Jacques - Ron's Page

Ron offers a brief biography of Jacques Derrida and a summation of his central ideas of deconstructionism.


Derridean Links - Resources related to Jacques Derrida and or Deconstruction on the Internet divided into the following sections : Email Forums, Journals Papers, Snippets, Book Reviews, Link Lists, Web Sites, Bibliographies, Derrideans Courses.





Online Texts of Jacques Derrida



Derrida, Jacques - By Force of Mourning

Features an excerpt from Derrida's "By Force of Mourning" translated by Pascale-Anne Brault and Michael Naas.


Derrida, Jacques - Deconstruction on The Net

Features an extensive archive of texts on deconstruction. Also includes Derrida texts and interviews.


Derrida, Jacques - Jacques Derrida Online

Comprehensive deconstructionist database includes several Derrida interviews and articles as well as links to related topics and resources.


Derrida, Jacques - Of Grammatology

Offers an excerpt of the text, "Of Grammatology" in which Derrida explores the historico-metaphysical relation between speech and writing.


Derrida, Jacques - Roundtable

Read the transcript from a roundtable conversation Derrida had in 1994 at Villanova University.


Intellectual Courage - Interview With Derrida

Furnishes an interview with Derrida published in the online journal, Culture Machine





Secondary Sources on Jacques Derrida



Coping With Nietzsche's Legacy

Offers an excerpt from the book, "The Politics of Postmodernity" addressing the theories of Rorty, Gadamer and Derrida.  A major scholar with a sadly insufficient understanding of Derrida’s writings.  Read it for what not to do.


Derrida, Death, and Forgiveness

Features a review of Derrida's "The Gift of Death" and Graham Ward's "Barth, Derrida and The Language of Theology."


Derrida, Jacques - Reader's Guide to Plato's Pharmacy

Tim Spurgin offers a comprehensive guide to Derrida's "Plato's Pharmacy" that includes a chapter-by-chapter analysis.


Derrida, Jacques - The Politics of Jacques Derrida

Reprint of a New York Review of Books article by Mark Lilla discusses several works by Derrida and includes many excerpts and a few links.


Derrida, Philosophy and the Comic

Explores the role of humor in the comprehension of Derrida's texts.


Egéa-Kuehne, Denise - Neutrality in Education

Examines Derrida's call for "double duty" in devising neutrality in education.


Harrison, Bernard - White Mythology Revisited

Examines Derrida's unique attack on the classical opposition of concept and metaphor.


Historicizing Derrida

Attempts to narrativize the diversity of Derrida's texts and initiate a historical account of his corpus.








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