EN 5882/EN 6882

Topics In Cultural Studies

Lesson Plan


Week 1 15 Jan

Introduction to the Course

Because I will be drawing on the role of the image in culture for many of my examples and questions I have started an image archive at the following links.

Image Archive (early photography)

Images (Lomography)


1. Lomography and Club Culture Videos



Week 2 22 Jan 

This is a Study Week (no class)


Language & Culture

Ideology and Mythology


Reading (from During, ed., The Cultural Studies Reader 3rd edition):


“Part Seven: Consumption and the Market”

You may wish to read the entire section but the text for discussion is below.  We will take it up next week along with Adorno and Horkheimer, “The Culture Industry”


For discussion:

Dick Hebdige, “Subculture and Style”


Week 3 29 Jan: Notes

1. As a context for our class discussion I’ll be talking about the following terms:

Language & Culture

Ideology and Mythology



2. The Culture Industry



Walter Benjamin, “The Work of Art in the Age of its Mechanical Reproducibility”

Adorno and Horkheimer, “The Culture Industry: Enlightenment as Mass Deception”


Week 4 05 Feb: Notes

Image, Music, Text

Presenters: Kelvin



Roland Barthes, “From Work to Text”

Supplementary: Barthes, “The Rhetoric of the Image” (from IVLE Lecture Notes)


Week 5 12 Feb



Recess Week (13-21 Feb inc. Chinese New Year)


Week 6 26 Feb (Essay 1 Due)

Space and Cultural Studies

Presenter: Daisuke Yuasa


Week 7 05 Mar: Notes

           Lacan’s Seminar

           Freud and Lacan

Presenter: Serene


Week 8 12 Mar: Notes and Images

           Wild Analysis

           Presenters: Nelson


Week 9 19 Mar

           Analyzing Culture

           Presenters: Shanthini and He Qi


Week 10 26 Mar

           The Image 1: The Photograph

           Reading: Barthes, Camera Lucida

           Presenters: Stacey


Week 11 02 Apr (some notes on the Hyperreal)

The Postmodern and Cultural Studies

Presenter: Wilson


Week 12 09 Apr

Gender and Generation

Reading: “Sexuality and Gender” in During, especially Judith Butler, “Subversive Bodily Acts”

Presenters: Hasanah



Week 13 16 Apr (Essay 2 Due)

The Image 2: The Moving Image & the Digital Image

And The Future of Cultural Studies

Reading: “Globalization/Postmodernism” in During (special attention on Appadurai)








Assessment                             Class Participation:                                   10%

                                                        Essay 1:                                                                                                     30%

                                                        Essay 2:                                                                                                     40%

                                                        Presentation:                                                                         20%

                                                        Total:                                                                                                          100%