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Great Books Index

Index of great books links readers to a number of complete texts and critical resources. Includes a great books discussion group.


Introduction to Literary Criticism

Extensive and useful guide to criticism covers most of the major figures in the Western critical tradition.


Western Canon

Find links to texts by and about famous figures in Western cultural history. Dedicated to preserving the study of Western heritage.



What is Culture?

Learning center offers a group of articles, a glossary of terms, and a list of theory-related links to help readers learn about cultural theory.


Black Cultural Studies

Overviews and bibliographies of academics and scholars dealing with questions of ethnicity, race, and gender among African populations


Alex Catalogue of Electronic Texts

Searchable catalog of texts in the areas of English and American literature, and Western philosophy. Read texts and search them for key words.


Application of Critical Theory

Reading suggestions, theoretical definitions, and critical theory links for students and researchers.



Arts and Humanities Data Service

British service devotes itself to preserving and collecting academic resources for public use. Connect to various text and data archives.


Bakhtin Bibliography

Index of works by and about literary theorist Mikhail Bakhtin, and his followers, the Bakhtin Circle.


Bakhtin Center

Designed to promote the works of theorist Mikhail Bakhtin and his followers, this center contains a database of the author's theoretical works.


Baudrillard's Disneyland Adventure

Collection of interlinked materials dealing with cyberspace, hypertext, and critical theory.


Bibliographic Citation - Live!

Learn how to cite online sources in an academic bibliography, using this guide from Columbia University.


Bjorn's Guide to Foucault

Biography, bibliography, discussion lists, and links to articles and texts written by the renowned theorist.


Border Crossings

Cultural studies center provides indexed links to resources for the study of critical theory.


Bridging the Gap

Special issue of the Stanford Humanities Review deals specifically with the intersection of cognitive science and literary criticism.


British Comp. Literature Assoc.

Membership association of scholars and academics. Includes a list of links to comparative literature departments, centers, and organizations.


Centre for Social Theory and Tech.

CSTT sponsors seminars and mailing lists dealing with complexity and its effect on social and literary theory. Read about current programs.


Comparative Literature Studies

Journal devoted to literary history, critical theory, literary relations, and the history of ideas. Review abstracts of journal articles.


Concordances of Great Books

Research tool allows readers to search texts in a variety of ways for the occurrence of certain words or phrases. Hundreds of books are included.


Contemporary Literary Theory

Course guide written by Professor John Lye offers descriptions of the major topics in literary theory.


Critical Theory and Research

Academic overview of critical theory, including sample articles and a comprehensive theory bibliography.


Critical Theory Forum

Discussion forum dedicated to debating issues concerning the critical theory of the Frankfurt school. Read theoretical overviews or browse links.




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