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Index of works included in a series studying the intersection of philosophy and critical theory. Find reference info and read text abstracts.


Joe Boulter's Critical Theory

Introductions to different aspects of critical and literary theory. Deconstruction, feminism, Marxism, structuralism, postmodernism, and others.


Johns Hopkins Literary Theory Guide

Theory guide contains a list of annotated abstracts describing major literary theory topics, terms, and texts. Paid subscription is required.



Biannual journal of postcolonial studies publishes articles dealing with different theoretical issues in the arts, literature, and politics.


Jurgen Habermas & Discourse Ethics

Scan this overview of the ethical system of Jurgen Habermas to gain a more complete understanding of his critical theory.


Jurgen Habermas Paper

Scholarly paper discusses the question of theorist Jurgen Habermas's role in cultural and literary ideology.


K.I.S.S. of the Panopticon

Cultural theory literacy center offers straight-forward overviews of theoretical terms and issues. Useful as an introduction to critical studies.


Lacan Dot Com

Resource center for issues in cultural theory pertaining to the works of Jacques Lacan. Includes reviews, links, and a biannual journal.


Lacanian Links

Annotated list of links to groups, publications, forums, and individuals dedicated to the works of Jacques Lacan.


Literary Criticism and Theory

Resource links to literary theory resources for students, provided by Studyweb.


Literary Criticism Collection

Read texts by and about important figures in literary criticism, courtesy of the Internet Public Library.


Literary Criticism on the Web

Directory of literary-criticism resources is organized by author. Read critical texts, find general theory sites, or browse writing guides.


Literary Theory & Cultural Studies

Links to general and specific resources dealing with issues in literary theory. Compiled by Wenchi Lin.


Literary Theory Bibliography

Bibliography of literary studies and criticism focuses on English-speaking authors and commentators. Search by author, school, or subject.


Literature and Literary Criticism

Resource guide and search tool for readers looking for information on literary criticism. Browse a list of links and sites by subject.


Literature Resources

Links to educational resources for high school and college students. Search literature by century, and check out a list of text archives.


LM Magazine

Magazine offers a forum for arguments over issues that have been squeezed out of public debate. Articles written from a critical standpoint.


Malaspina Great Books Links

Collection of useful links to academic libraries and bookstores. Provided by Malaspina college.


Marist College Culture Studies

Resources and links designed to help readers understand and gain access to hypertext theory, cyber and culture studies, and hypermedia theory.


Masterworks of Western Civilization

Time-line of the major works of the Western world, with links to complete texts and critical resources.


MSN Encarta - Criticism, Literary

Describes the goals and beginnings of this form of literary analysis.

Find summaries and criticism of over a dozen classic literary works. Character profiles and key quotes are also provided.


October Arts Journal

October focuses on critical interpretations of literature, film, music, and the other arts. Read journal reviews and subscription info.


Ong's Orality and Literacy

Review of Walter J. Ong's seminal work in the field of literary theory. Includes chapter summaries.


Op.Cit Journal of Literary Theory

Graduate student reviewed journal for literary criticism. Read a purpose statement and find out how to submit essays and papers.




Links Pages                  Course Sites

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