Lectures and Tutorials conducted (present and past)

(current modules)

  • Lexicology and Lexicography (advanced undergraduate level)

  • Language and the Internet (undergraduate level)

  • Computers, Corpora, and the World Wide Web (graduate level)

  • Investigating Standard English (General Education Module)

(past module titles)

  • Computers and Language Studies

  • Hypertext Theory: Writing in the Electronic Era

  • The Nature of Language

  • Computational Linguistics

  • Corpus Linguistics

  • Computers and the Analysis of English Texts

  • Semantics

  • Academic Reading and Writing for Research

  • Varieties of Written and Spoken English

  • Analysing English

  • Introduction to the Structure of English

Advanced undergraduate (B.A. Hons) /postgraduate (MA/PhD) supervision

Successful theses, dissertations, independent projects / by the following students:

  • Evaluative Language in Singapore Food Review Blogs / Amos Ghui [Honours thesis]

  • 'Tone it Up': A Corpus-based Analysis of Women Fitness Blogs / Charis Lim Yan Qing [Honours thesis]

  • 'Anabuddy there?': Support and Motivation on Instagram / Nurul Afiqah [Honours thesis]

  • 'First Impressions Last': A Corpus-based Study of NUS MA/PhD Abstracts across Disciplines / Timothy Ong Jun Wei [Honours thesis]

  • 'Manage Your Stress': Examining the Discourse of Health Organisations in Singapore / Jonathan Tan Chu Chze [Honours thesis]

  • Competition or Cooperation?: The Case of 'Have to' and 'Must' in Philippine English / Rowland Sibugan Imperial [Honours thesis]

  • 'We Want You': The Language of Online Recruitment Advertising in Singapore / Melcher Tan Chun Kiat [Honours thesis]

  • A Corpus-based Analysis of Love Confessions on Facebook / Tan Yun Yin [Honours thesis]

  • A Corpus-Linguistic Approach to Analysing Local Food Blogs / Tong Ming Yan [Honours thesis]

  • A Corpus-based Contrastive Analysis of Sadness Expressions in English and Chinese / Zhang Ruihua [PhD]

  • A Corpus-based Approach to Student Testimonial Letters / Daniel Lim Meng Hui [Honours thesis]

  • Metaphor in the National Day Rhetoric: A Corpus-based Approach / Gwee Siow Chui [Masters ISM]

  • Why u write lyk dat?: Singapore English on Facebook / Nurulhuda Borhan Said [Honours ISM]

  • Linguistic Variation and Identity Representation in Personal Blogs: A Corpus-linguistic Approach / Gong Wengao [Ph.D.]

  • A Corpus-based Study of Educational Discourse - the SCoRE Approach / Hong Huaqing [Ph.D.]

  • Unspeakable Connections: Lexical Relations in Taboo and Player Strategies / Lo Wanni [Honours thesis]

  • Electronic Gaming as a Genre / Bai Shuping [Honours ISM]

  • Uncovering Cross-Cultural Norms of Netspeak in Windows Live Messenger / Cheryl Ng Xin Yi [USP Honours ISM]

  • Politeness in Online Instant Messaging / by Jasmine Ong Peishan [Honours ISM]

  • Defining English Words in Singapore / by Kwok Boon Yong [Honours ISM]

  • Context of Situation for Lectal Switch / by Lin Sum Yi [Honours ISM]

  • CMC Features In English Personal Blogs by Singaporean Teens / by Chan Yoke Hian [Honours thesis]

  • Collocations in Singapore English: A Corpus-based Study / by Lim Min Hui [M.A. dissertation]

  • Annotating Singapore English / by Chong Teng Yuan [M.A. dissertation]

  • The Language of 'Seeking': Asian Web-based Personal Ads / by Sunit Singh [M.A.dissertation]

  • A Corpus-based Study of a Virtual Reality Pet Community / by Cai Yi Tian [Honours thesis]

  • A Corpus-based Study of Lexical Behaviour in Chinese Learner English / by Lu Yuanwen [Ph.D.]

  • Investigating Gendered Differences in Computer-Mediated Communication from a Singapore Perspective / by Geraldine Tan Wei Lin [Honours thesis]

  • The Taiwan Issue in the Media : A Corpus-Based Comparative Study of Chinese and American Media Discourse / by Lu Xiaofei [M.A. dissertation]

  • Linguistic Analysis of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) / by Raina Chua Boon Kiat [M.A. dissertation]

  • A Linguistic Analysis of The Computer Times / by Wong Chin Yeow [M.A. dissertation]

  • Towards a Fairer Representation of The ESL/EFL User's Socio-Linguistic Reality in the English Dictionary / by Jasmine Tan Ying Ling [Honours thesis]

  • Linguistic Aspects of Electronic Games on The Web / by Joseph Kiong Chin Fong [Honours thesis]

  • Love @ Cyberspace : A Corpus-Based Study Of Personal Ads on the Web / by Mohammad Akshir Kadir [M.A. dissertation]

  • Challenging Orthodoxy : A Linguistic Analysis of Subversive Texts on the Web / by Ivan Yap Shing Loong [Honours thesis]

  • A Genre Analysis of Christian Online Devotionals / by Amy Luisita [Honours thesis]

  • The Language of Aids : The Representation ff HIV/AIDS in Medical Texts / by Doreen Liow Yee Ling [M.A. dissertation]

  • The Language of Insults among Singaporean Teenagers / by Lucinda Seah Kar Hui [Honours thesis]

  • An Analysis of The Art of Being "Woody Allen" / by Choong Choon Yee [Honours thesis]

  • A Corpus-Based Study of SM Lee's Speeches / by Vivien Ler Soon Lay [M.A. dissertation]

  • A Genre Analysis of Infomercials / by Martin Chew Soon Chiang [Honours thesis]

  • Ideology in The Newspapers : The Singapore-Malaysia Relationship / by Wendy Woo Yen Hsia [Honours thesis]

  • Investigating the Language Of Prince / by Tan Ping Chuen [Honours thesis]

  • Deriving Singapore Culture from Computer Corpora / by Lee Keh Yi [Honours thesis]

  • Lexical Combinations in Singapore English / by Kusuma De Silva [M.A. dissertation]

  • A Genre Analysis of Local Children's Stories / by Janet George [M.A. dissertation]

  • A Corpus-Based Perspective to Language Studies / Lim Hang Kok  [Honours thesis, joint supervision with Department of Japanese Studies]

  • Word-Processing in Revision Strategies and Behaviours : A Writing Programme for Diploma in Nursing S / by Wilna Thang Eng Fung [M.A. dissertation]

  • Linguistic Strategies in The Pyramid Game / by Kelly Koh Ben Lin [Honours thesis]

  • Questions for Tapestry : An English Analyzer for Interrogative Sentences / by Liaw Wy-Cin [Honours thesis]

  • An Investigation of English Bible Translators' Styles in The Psalms / by Joseph Ng [M.A. dissertation]

  • Towards a Computerized Lexis of Singapore English / by Annie Tan [Honours thesis]



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