anvil arrow bow box and brahmin

      cart chariot cloud and compost heap

      are all sitting in their separate squares


       corn cup deer duck and frock

       ganesh garlic hexagon and house

      all have places of their own


      inkpot jackfruit kite lemon and lotus

      mango medicine mother old man and ostrich

      are all holding their proper positions


      pajamas pineapple rabbit and ram

      sacrifice seal spoon and sugarcane

      won't interefere with each other


      sword tap tombstone and umbrella

      warrior watermelon weight and yacht

      have all found the ternal resting place


      the mother won’t put her baby on the compost heap

      the brahmin won’t season the duck with garlic

      the yacht won’t hit the watermelon and sink


      unless the ostrich eats the baby’s frock

      the warrior won’t shoot an arrow into ganesh’s belly

      and if the ram doesn’t knock down the old man


      why would he need to smash the cup on the tombstone




Arun Kolatkar

The Oxford Anthology of Modern Indian Poetry

Ed. Vinay Dharwadker & A.K. Ramanujan

(Delhi: Oxford University Press, 1994), 116.