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Rajeev S. Patke

Publications on Singapore/Malaysian Literature in English


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Poetry is more truly recognizable as voice than as printed words on a page.

The following project brings poetry to listeners in the form of audio recordings in which poets read their own poems.

One CD featuring Singapore poetry in English was recorded and published on behalf of the Department of English Language and Literature, NUS, with support from the Open University Singapore Division in August 1998.

Each of the four poets involved 





was generous in supporting the project.

The illustrations are based on original oil-paintings by

Dr Ho Chee Lick


A second CD, representing three young voices, is planned for release in November 1999, featuring






Technical  Production:  Mr  Sunadi  Ali, NUS




BOTH CDS can be heard on the NUS Campus network

courtesy of the poets, their publishers


The Media Resources Unit, Central Library


NUS Digital Library

Once you're in, select Digitized Video, click GO, then

click on LINC-Audio LINC