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Undergraduate level

GE1102 Global Environments

GE1101E/GEM1001K: Place, Environment and Society

GE2018/SSA2215: The Biophysical Environments of Singapore

GE2215: Introduction to GIS and remote sensing

GE2220 Environmental Processes: Terrestrial and Coastal

GE3221 Ecological Systems


Postgraduate level

GE5220 Selected Topics in Geography I

GE6220 Selected Topics in Geography II

GE6215 Current Issues in Environmental Sciences

GE6211 Spatial Data Processing


Honours students

2001/02, Revathi D/O Balasubramaniam, Nature areas in Singapore: Bukit Timah and Pulau Ubin.

2002/03, Then Li-Ping Josephine, Sediment production from a logging road during storm events: Bukit Tarek catchment, Peninsular Malaysia.

2002/03, Siew Ruyan Joanne, Effects of logging roads on storm flow processes in the tropics.

2002/03, Tham Pei Wen, Hydrological response during storms in the riparian zone of a tropical forested catchment.

2003/04, Lo Weng Han, Optical properties of sediment: a laboratory experiment and its potential for remote sensing.

2003/04, Tan Tik Loong Stanley, Investigating hiking trails at Bukit Timah nature reserve: a GIS and field approach.


Postgraduate supervision

2001/03, Ms Sui Pui Yee, MA (self-financed, co-supervising with Professor David Taylor, University of Dublin, Ireland): Modern diatom and water quality relationship in Singapore.

2002--, Mr Joy Sanyal, MA (self-financed), Application of GIS/remote sensing in flood management in West Bengal, India.

2002--, Ms Li Luqian, MA, River channel changes in the middle Yangtze river, China.

2002--, Ms Zhu Yunmei, PhD, Application of GIS/remote sensing in hydrological modeling.

2003--, Mr Desmond Lee Wan Aik, PhD, Urban hydrology and sediment sources in Singapore.

2003--, Mr Huang Jingnan, PhD, Urban development and environmental problems in mountain areas.

2004--, Ms Zhang Shurong, PhD, Sediment and carbon flux in large Asian rivers.

2005--, Mr Wang Jiangjun, PhD, Soil erosion modeling in the gorges area


GIS training

Nov. 2002--Jan. 2003, Mr Karunakaran Sutthakar, University of Jeffna, funded by the Sri Lankan President Scholarship.

Jan.--March 2003, Ms Mireille Couture,  funded by the Canadian International School, Singapore.

9-27 September 2003, Ms Inthapatha Chanmaly, Cambodia,  funded by Singapore MFA-MOE, Education Train-the-Trainers Programme (ETTP).

Feb.--May, 2004, Mr S. Antony Norbert, Sri Lanka, funded by University of Colombo.