US Media in the 20th Century & Beyond


The module will review the growth of mass  media in America including newspapers, magazines, movies, radio, television and more recent media forms, such as the Internet, the web 2.0, social media and apps and examine how they shape and are shaped by society.

The module gives students the opportunity to critically examine in a historical context the role media plays in American society. Students will gain exposure to different media theories and can employ different methodologies in an interdisciplinary fashion. On completion of the module students should be able to develop and present arguments in a critical assessment of American media.

Teaching Format
A weekly two hour lecture with a program of online discussions.

Students are expected to attend lectures and tutorial in accordance with university policy and to actively participate in discussions. Assessment is based on continuous assessment (70%)  and an open book final exam (30%).  The 70% for continuous assessment consists of:

Bibliographical assignment (5%)

Essay Proposal (Question and Outline) (15%)

Essay (30%)

Discussion Group Participation (20%)

Due Dates
Bibliographical assignment: Monday September 3 at 3pm.

Essay Proposal (Question and Outline): Monday September 17 at 3pm.

Essay: Monday October 29 at 3pm.

About the Module

Associate Professor Ian Gordon