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AS3216 American Institutions
The American Presidency in the Twentieth Century
Semester 1 2000-2001
Dr. Ian Gordon
Ph. 874 4694

Lecture 1
The Constitution and The Presidency

James Q. Wilson and John J. DiIulio. American Government: Institutions And Policies, Seventh edition. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Co., 1998. Chapters One, Two and Twelve.  NUS Library Holdings

The Declaration of Independence  on the web: http://www.nara.gov/exhall/charters/declaration/decmain.html
The U.S. constitution on the web http://www.nara.gov/exhall/charters/constitution/constitution.html
Max Lerner. Wounded Ttitans: American Presidents and the Perils of Power. New York: Arcade Pub., 1996. NUS Library Holdings

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