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Lecture 13
How the Media Shapes Events, Case Study Five: The Gulf War

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President Bush participates in a briefing on the progress of the ground war with Iraq in his residence office. General Powell points out areas on two maps of the Middle East. Also present are: Secretary Cheney, Robert Gates, and Secretary Baker.

Douglas Kellner, The Persian Gulf TV War, (Boulder: Westview Press, 1992), Chapter Six. NUS Library Holdings

John J. Fialka, Hotel Warriors: Covering the Gulf War (Washington, D.C.: Woodrow Wilson Center Press, 1992). NUS Library Holdings
Perry M. Smith, How CNN Fought the War: a View from the Inside (New York: Carol Pub. Group, 1991). NUS Library Holdings
Philip M. Taylor, War and the Media: Propaganda and Persuasion in the Gulf War (Manchester: Manchester University Press, 1992). NUS Library Holdings

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