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Lecture 3
How the Media Shapes Events, Case Study One: The Spanish-American War 1898

mainegig The Battleship Maine 
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John A. Corry, 1898: Prelude to a Century (New York: J.A. Corry, 1998), Chapters One, Six, and Seven. NUS Library Holdings

Russell Baker, "A Boy's Life," New York Review of Books  (August 10, 2000): pp. 4-7. Web version
James C. Bradford, editor, Crucible of Empire: the Spanish-American War & its Aftermath  (Annapolis, Md. : Naval Institute Press, 1993). NUS Library Holdings
Richard Davis, The Press and American Politics: the New Mediator (Upper Saddle River, N.J.: Prentice Hall, 1996), Chapter Three. RBR Holdings
Ivan Musicant, Empire by Default : the Spanish-American War and the Dawn of the American Century (New York: H. Holt, 1998), Chapter Four. RBR Holdings;  NUS Library Holdings
Hugh Thomas, "Remember the Maine?," New York Review of Books 45 (April 23, 1998): pp. 10-12. Web version
Jim Zwick's site on U.S. Imperialism

Spanish American War Films (click to view online)

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