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Case Studies

This page is a quick reference link for instances of US media reportage that I think might interest students in this module. Click on the links.

1. The Case of Wen Ho Lee
Compare and contrast these two accounts. Look for other accounts of the case.

The Nation
Robert Scheer, "No Defense: How the 'New York Times' Convicted Wen Ho Lee," The Nation, October 23, 2000: web version

The New York Times
Matthew Purdy, "The Making of a Suspect: The Case of Wen Ho Lee," New York Times,  February 4, 2001: web version
Matthew Purdy with James Sterngold, "The Prosecution Unravels: The Case of Wen Ho Lee," New York Times, February 5, 2001: web version

2. Reporting the 2000 Presidential Election

Campaign and Election Monitoring:
TV network, newsmagazine and newsgroup coverage since February, 2000. Latest report, Archive.
Exclusive: From Media Tenor.
FCC asked to investigate networks' election-night calls
Nov 29 2000, From Reuters/Excite
TV failed election coverage tests, says survey
Feb 6 2001, From Annenberg Center
Media go pro-Bush to make premature election call come true
Nov 28 2000, From The Nation
CNN's report called its coverage "debacle"
Feb 6 2001, From The Financial Times
(Click here to download full report in PDF format)
Networks are winners of extended election
Nov 27 2000, From The Independent
Story Of Florida Voter Fraud That U.S. Media Ignored
Feb 5 2001, From The Nation
Networks should reject Congressional hearings on election night coverage
Nov 22 2000, From Freedom Forum
CNN will no longer use exit polls, won't call states early
Feb 2 2001, From CNN
Assessing online coverage: How dot-coms fared on election night
From Poynter Institute
Anchor Tom Brokaw denies pro-Gore bias
Jan 4 2001, From TV Rundown
Don Hewitt, "60 Minutes" producer, attacks network news anchors
Nov 17 2000, From MediaGuardian
U.S. Election Coverage in Singapore [PDF file]
December 2000, From Ian Gordon and Ryan Bishop
Finnish journalist "treated like dirt" trying to cover elections
Nov 17 2000, From MediaChannel's Forum
John Pilger: The U.S. media cover up corruption to serve patriotic myths.
Dec 22 2000, From JohnPilger.com
News Dissector:
Worldwide voices ridicule U.S. election night gaffes
Nov 15 2000, From MediaChannel
Press getting cold shoulder from Bush camp
Dec 18 2000, From Washington Post
Media mag asks news directors to accept election coverage reform
Nov 13 2000, From Brill's Content
What's to blame for the election night disaster? The 24-hour news cycle.
Dec 18 2000, From The American Prospect
House investigating influence of media's premature calls
Nov 10 2000, From Freedom Forum
Newscasters should have taken time to understand Supreme Court decision
Dec 14 2000, From USA Today
Web new sites failed on election night
Nov 10 2000, From Online Journalism Review
News Dissector:
Media missed the important stories in election
Dec 14 2000, From MediaChannel
Not the first time press has botched election coverage
Nov 10 2000, From Freedom Forum
Media's self-absorbtion is reprehensible
Dec 14 2000, From MediaChannel's Forum
Mistakes are made because of not despite technology
Nov 9 2000, From The Age
Public should be outraged at TV networks election night coverage
Dec 12 2000, From Christian Science Monitor
Did networks influence voting?
Nov 9 2000, From Financial Times
Walter Cronkite would have called Florida, too
Dec 12 2000, From Freedom Forum
Apologies won't do for arrogant media
Nov 9 2000, From FAIR
Media helping Bush to steal election, says Dan Kennedy
Dec 11 2000, From Boston Phoenix
Botched election coverage proves the dangerous power of the press
Nov 8 2000, Panafrican News Agency
After election night, majority of Americans distrust media
Dec 11 2000, From The New York Times (registration req.)
Dan Rather's mixed metaphors
Nov 8 2000, From Salon
Pressure to compete leads to media errors
Dec 1 2000, From Le Monde Diplomatique
Journalists, not candidates, fill air time as soundbites shrink
Oct 30 2000, From Center for Media and Public Affairs

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