Guide to Essays

Students should note that academic papers require footnotes or endnotes, and bibliographies.

Click here for my brief guide to footnotes and bibliographies.
Writing Interpretative Essays Evaluating Internet Sources
Planning Your Essay Essay Criteria

The Department of History's On Writing Essays offers a detailed guide for History majors, which contains hints, tips, and instructions that may be useful for non-historians.

A very detailed guide to writing critical analytical essays can be found at:

Plagiarism, defined as "the act of taking the writings of another person and passing them off as one's own" will result in a zero mark (0). As a rough guide when you use more than five or six words in a row that you take directly from someone else use quotation marks. When you paraphrase someone's writing put a footnote.

Read a New York Times article on the issue.

The Faculty takes this matter seriously. Click here for the Faculty statement.

All essays will be checked using a web based plagiarism detection service.

Because I will show you how to footnote and how to compile a bibliography those WITHOUT FOOTNOTES AND A BIBLIOGRAPHY WILL AUTOMATICALLY RECEIVE AN F GRADE!!!! If you have problems with footnotes and bibliographies see me.

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