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AS3217 U.S. Media & Public Policy
Semester 2 2000-2001
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Study Guide Three
How the Media Shapes Events, Case Study One:
The Spanish-American War 1898

John A. Corry, 1898: Prelude to a Century (New York: J.A. Corry, 1998), Chapters One, Six, and Seven.

Discussion Questions:

1. Discuss the proposition that the Spanish American War of 1898 occurred because Americans were not sophisticated readers of newspapers.

2. What is the  significance of the Spanish-American War to the issue of the media's role in the creation of public policy?

You can check the content of the New York Journal and the rural edition of the New York World on microfilm in the NUS Library.

Please post your answers to the discussion questions to the AS3217 Forum on the IVLE page.

After completing the reading you should be able to answer the following questions.

Identification Questions:

1.  Who was John D. Long?

2.  What were the Rough Riders?

3. Who wrote: "For national defense, fifty million dollars"?

4. Who was Jose Marti?

Citizen Kane is available under the multimedia course video's setion of the IVLE page for this module:

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