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05 September 2002
Study Of Rooftop Gardens In Singapore By NParks & NUS
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Findings to be Disseminated During Seminar on Skyrise Greening in Singapore

The National Parks Board (NParks) and Centre for Total Building Performance (CTBP), National University of Singapore (NUS), will be disseminating the findings from a Study of Rooftop Gardens in Singapore during the Seminar on Skyrise Greening in Singapore on Saturday, 7 September 2002, from 9am to 1pm in LT16, School of Business, National University of Singapore.

The event will be graced by Dr Teo Ho Pin, Chairman, Government Parliamentary Committee for National Development and the Environment.

Study of Rooftop Gardens in Singapore

The study of rooftop gardens in Singapore was jointly conducted by NParks and CTBP to examine the effects and usefulness of rooftop gardens and the issues relating to the successful application in Singapore.

While rooftop gardens have been implemented in other countries like Germany, Switzerland and Japan, and their benefits have been proven by overseas research, this is the first time such a study has been conducted in the local context.

The study found that rooftop greenery provides significant thermal protection to buildings and the surrounding environment. This is particularly relevant in Singapore’s climate, where roof surface temperature can reach a high of 58°C.

Rooftop gardens in Singapore were found to:

  • reduce roof surface temperature by a maximum of 31°C
  • reduce ambient air temperature by as much as 4°C
  • reduce incoming solar radiation and heat gain through the roof, thereby reducing re-radiated heat to the surroundings and into the building throughout the day
  • mitigate the Urban Island Heat effect as a result of positive thermal impact on surrounding environment
  • result in about 15% of net annual energy savings in a five-storey commercial building

As the lead agency for promoting skyrise greenery in Singapore, NParks’ greening approach is moving upwards through the greening of rooftops and sides of buildings. Following the study of rooftop gardens, NParks now plans to conduct further research on the shading capabilities of different plants and the vertical greening of building façades.

Seminar on Skyrise Greening in Singapore

The components and findings of the Study of Rooftop Gardens in Singapore will be discussed in detail by Principal Investigator, Dr Wong Nyuk Hien, NUS, during the Seminar on Skyrise Greening in Singapore.

Jointly organised by NParks and NUS for developers and professionals in the building, architecture and landscape industry, the seminar will present three topics relating to skyrise greening.

In conjunction with the seminar, a Handbook on Skyrise Greening in Singapore will also be launched on the same day. The handbook features the Study of Rooftop Gardens in Singapore as a case study and outlines the benefits and issues to consider in developing skyrise greenery in Singapore.


For more information, please contact:

Adeline Chong
Public Affairs Manager
National Parks Board
Tel: 6471 7812/ 9695 7143 (Mobile)

Ms Santie Pillai
Corporate Communications/Media
National University of Singapore
Tel: (65) 6874 4520 / E-mail:

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