Bahasa Indonesia Immersion Program  


The Bahasa Indonesia Immersion Program is open to all NUS students who study LAB2201 (BI2) & above

To enhance students learning experience and improve their Indonesian language skill by exposing to the culture,
socio-politic and real life situation within the country of the target language.
        Length of program: 2/3 weeks Study at USD + 5 days Excursions (optional)
        Schedule: for Des 2015: 7-18 Dec 2015 
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SANATA DHARMA UNIVERSITY (USD), Yogyakarta, Central Java, Indonesia.        

       30 hours Language classes.

       8 hours Field Studies

o   Local school; Orphanage; Media~Newspapers or TV station Home Industry




        5 Culture classes ECA, activities include:


Dancing and Gamelan (Indonesian Traditional Musical Instrument)


        Batik painting                                       Wayang (Leather puppet)  making


        Paes (Traditional Costume)        Jamu making (Traditional herb)       

Excursions (optional)

        Desa Wisata ~Village stay   


Parangtritis                         Merapi in 2009        Merapi in2012                  Borobudur             


Coordinator   Ms. Fanny Loe

Faculty of Arts and Social Science
Centre for Language Studies, National University of Singapore
AS4/05-21, 9 Arts Link, Singapore 117570
Tel: (65) 6516 5204    Fax: (65) 6777 7736 


       Last modified~2 Sept 2015.