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Fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) Reinforcement

Fibre-reinforced polymers (FRP) are non-metallic reinforcement utilising high performance fibres such as carbon, glass, aramid and others, encapsulated in a resin matrix. Their application is seen primarily as a means to avoid corrosion problems encountered in concrete structures using conventional steel reinforcing bars or prestressing tendons. More recently, they have been widely used in structural strengthening works.

Research work has been carried out at NUS in this area since 1991. This included two completed three-year projects on the application of FRP reinforcement in structural rehabilitation, one current project on blast resistance of masonry walls bonded with FRP systems, and another on durability of FRP reinforcement in tropical climate.  An overall view of the research work carried out and in progress is shown below.

[ K. H. Tan, NUS]

Expertise is available on flexural and shear strengthening of beams, slabs, columns, beam-column connections using FRP plates, sheets and tendons.

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Masonry wall strengthened with FRP system [ K. H. Tan, NUS]             Square columns bonded with different fiber configurations [ K. H. Tan, NUS]


Completed projects/theses (selective):

External prestressing using FRP tendons (MEng thesis: M A Al-Faooq 1999)

Flexural strengthening of precracked beams and slabs using externally bonded FRP systems (MEng thesis: Tan Toon Wuay 2000)

Shear strengthening of dapped beams using FRP reinforcement (U/g dissertation: Chin Fong Lan 2000)

Strengthening of rectangular columns using FRP reinforcement (U/g dissertation: Ng See Chong 2000)

Effect of cyclic loadings on interfacial bond strength of carbon fibre sheets (U/g theses: Leong Sook Wai & Lim Wen Wei 2001)

Masonry walls externally bonded with FRP systems (U/g thesis: Tan Li Peng 2001)

Strengthening of re-profiled columns using FRP systems (MSc dissertation: S E Iskandar 2001) 

Punching shear behaviour of RC slabs bonded with FRP reinforcement (MEng thesis: Wang Jiewei 2001)

Detailing of FRP Reinforcement (U/g thesis: Wee Poh Lin, Jeanne 2002)

Durability of FRP Reinforcement (U/g thesis: Yap Fung Ling 2002)

Behaviour of FRP Strengthened Rectangular RC Columns under Combined Axial Load and Bending (U/g thesis: Lee Chiew Hua 2002)

Strengthening of RC Beams using External Tendons and FRP Systems (U/g thesis: Tan Su Chern 2002)

Fatigue Behaviour of RC Beams Strengthened with FRP Systems (U/g thesis: Ng Hee Yang 2002)

Blast Resistance of Masonry Walls Externally Bonded with FRP systems (U/g thesis: Chan Siang Kok 2002)


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