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Associate Professor Dr. YEN Ching Chiuan is the Head of Division of Industrial Design in the School of Design and Environment at NUS. His professional experiences include posts as Director of the Design Center at Chang Gung University and as a Board Member of the China Industrial Designers Association. He is the guest editor of Innovation Magazine and the International Journal of Product Development, and has been on the review and jury boards for numerous design conferences and competitions. Having authored more than 40 international and national refereed articles, he possesses an excellent ability to combine theoretical thinking and design practice in design education. His research interests lie in methodologies for design, and he champions a “pluralistic dimension” of design study and research. His supervision in design has received more than 30 international or regional design awards in the past five years, including, to name a few, the Braunprize 2007, Luminary Award, red-dot award: design concept 2006 and iF concept awards 2007, and 2008.

Last update October 13, 2010


Assoicate Professor
YEN Ching Chiuan (Dr.)

Division of Industrial Design
School of Design and Environment
National University of Singapore
4 Architecture Drive, Singapore 117566
Tel: +65 6516 3524
Fax: +65 6779 3078
website: http://www.sde.nus.edu.sg/did/
email: didyc{at}nus.edu.sg