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Undergraduate teaching (NUS)

  • ID 4103 Design Detailing (05-date)
  • ID 4104 Final Thesis Project (05-date)
  • ID 4121 Project Research (05-date)
  • ID 4101 Design Thesis Preparation (02-04)
  • ID 4102 Design Thesis (03-05)
  • ID 2122 Ecodesign and Sustainability (04-05)
  • ID 2722 Design for Environment
  • ID 1121 Human Factors in Design
Postgraduate teaching (NUS)
  • AR 5018 Research Methodology (07)
  • AR 5157 Independent Study (06)
  • AR 5808 Independent Study (05)
  • ID 5352 Design Studies (05 -date)
  • ID 5021 Design Research (05-date)
  • ID 5151 Design Studies (03-date)
  • AR 6141 Dissertation (03-04)

Reseach Supervison

  • MA (ID), “Product design and innovation: the comparative study of Singaporean firms and MNC”, Wei Hang Swai, NUS (07- date)
  • PhD, “The application of “on–the–move” technology to navigation system”, Jiang Hao, NUS (06- date)
  • PhD, “A female–focused design strategy for developing a mobile health communication for women”, Xue Lishan, NUS (06-date)
  • MA (ID), “Intent–driven Approach to Innovations”, Nicky Goh Kwee Chuan, NUS (05-08)
  • Academic Mentor – Joanna Low, DTI MTD Student (Industry Collaboration with Philips Electronic Co.) (05-06)
  • MA (ID), “Designing product character– design evaluation based on product properties”, Edwin Low Chih Shong, NUS. (05-08)
  • Academic Mentor – Ronnie Goh, DTI MTD Student (Industry Collaboration with Philips Electronic Co.) (03-04)
  • Supervisor – ‘Is Singapore a Care City? Study of barrier–free environment with special reference to Orchard Road Shopping Area’, Tsaiping Wang, MA (Arch) Dissertation, NUS. (03)
  • Supervisor – ‘Elderly Housing in Singapore: A Case Study of Studio Apartment’, Soo Ing Goh, MA (Arch) Dissertation, NUS. (03)
  • Supervisor – final year ID thesis, completion: 55 BA(ID) thesis. (02-date)
  • Supervisor – ‘The Application of Protection Design to Computer Bag, by Using Scenario Design and Storytelling Approach’, Yolin, Tseng, MID (Master of Industrial Design), CGU. (01-03)
  • Supervisor – ‘Study of Positioning Wheelchair Design for CP Children through Design Practice”, WU Liao, MID, CGU. (01-03)
  • Supervisor – ‘The Prevention of Needle Puncture’ – an undergraduate student research project funded by National Science Council, Taiwan (00-01)
  • Joint Supervisor – ‘Facility Design for Welfare of the Elderly: Study of the Design Strategies for Cluster Styles and Spaces of Living Unit’, C. Y. Chung, MBA (Healthcare Management), CGU. (99-00)
Research Examination 

External examiner          1 PhD (QE), 1 MA (ID), 2MA (Arch)
Internal examiner           1 MBA, 2 MID, 2MTD

Published Pedagogical articles TEACHING AWARDS

‘Annual Excellent Teaching Award 2005, the National University of Singapore
In 2006, I was honoured with the ‘Annual Excellent Teaching Award 2005’ from the National University of Singapore, in recognition for my excellent quality of teaching and supervision. 



 Last update: September 21, 2008