FMA 1202F: Heroism and Society

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Suggested Readings:

There are no compulsory secondary readings for this module, the idea being to pursue your own readings as your interests develop and as your ideas take you.  The following texts are just some suggestions, organized topically so that you can have a bit more structured reading according to some of the ideas I raise during class.  I stress that you are free to follow your own reading interests instead of following any of the suggestions below; or else you might start with some of the suggestions below and then pursue more readings on that topic if the topic really interests you.  The point is that Freshman Seminar facilitates and allows for you to pursue your own particular interests by “taking off” from points made during class.  So the “suggested readings” are really that: suggestions.

Ideas of the Hero in Society:

Campbell, Joseph  The Hero with a Thousand Faces

Campbell, Joseph  The Power of Myth

Aristotle  The Poetics

Plato  The Republic

Frye, Northrop  Anatomy of Criticism

Frye, Northrop  Jungian Literary Criticism

Auerbach, Nina  Our Vampires, Ourselves

Praz, Mario  The Romantic Agony

Frazer, J. G. The Golden Bough

Sagall, Robert A.  Literary Criticism and Myth

Mark, Margaret  The Hero and the Outlaw

Kittelson, Mary Lynn (ed)  The Soul of Popular Culture


Critical Theory/Methods


Jefferson, Ann and David Robey (ed)  Modern Literary Theory: A Comparative Introduction

Lentricchia, Frank and Thomas McLaughlin (ed)  Critical Terms for Literary Study

Abrams, M. H.  A Glossary of Literary Terms



Jameson, Fredric  Postmodernism: Or, the Cultural Logic of Late Capitalism

Marx, Karl and Friedrich Engels, Marx and Engels on Literature and Art

Eagleton, Terry  Marxism and Literary Criticism



Freud, Sigmund  Totem and Taboo

Kristeva, Julia  Powers of Horror: An Essay on Abjection

Bataille, Georges  Theory of Religion



Kestner, Joseph A.  Sherlock’s Men: Masculinity, Conan Doyle, and Cultural History

Yoshihara, Mari  Embracing the East: White Women and American Orientalism

Wilson, C and F Gutierrez  Race, Multiculturalism, and the Media

Cunningham, S and J. Sinclair (ed)  Floating Lives: The Media and Asian Diasporas



Lodge, David  The Modes of Modern Writing

Goffman, Erving  Gender Advertisements

Goldman, Robert  Reading Ads Socially

Jhally, Sut  The Codes of Advertising: Fetishism and the Political Economy of Meaning in the Consumer Society

Barthes, Roland  Empire of Signs

Eco, Umberto  The Role of the Reader: Explorations in the Semiotics of Texts



Jann, Rosemary  The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: Detecting Social Order

Amis, Kingsley  The James Bond Dossier

Perry, Lewis  Boats Against the Current: American Culture Between Revolution and Modernity, 1820-1860

Green, Martin  Dreams of Adventure, Deeds of Empire



A Couple of My Related Publications (in case you want to see my methodology—NOT required or even recommended reading!  But they might give you a sense of how I approach issues like popular culture, the constructions of race and identity in society)

Goh, Robbie B. H. "Peter O’Donnell, Race Relations and National Identity: The Dynamics of Representation in 1960s and 1970s Britain." Journal of Popular Culture 32: 4 (1999), 29-43.

Goh, Robbie B. H. "Consuming Spaces: Clive Barker, William Gibson and the Cultural Poetics of Postmodern Fantasy." Social Semiotics 10:1 (2000), 21-40.

Goh, Robbie B. H.  "Reading Holmes: Capital and the Sign of the Market in The Hound of the Baskervilles." Semiotica 160-1/4 (2006), 95-114.

Goh, Robbie B. H.  "Diaspora and Violence: Cultural/Spatial Production, Abjection and Exchange."  Asian Diasporas: Cultures, Identities, Representations, ed. Robbie B. H. Goh and Shawn Wong.  Hong Kong: Hong Kong University Press, 2004, pp. 33-52.

Goh, Robbie B. H.  “Cyberasian: Science, Hybridity, Modernity, and the Asian Body.”  Contemporary Asian Modernities: Transnationality, Interculturality, and Hybridity, ed. Yiu-Wai Chu and Eva Kit-Wah Man.  Bern: Peter Lang, 2010.