4262 Quiz—Sample Questions

(2014 set)

Give short answers (about 1 page each) to any 2 of the following questions

1.   What insights into Singapore’s global ambitions do you think the Anton Casey affair reveals to us?

2.   The local (wherever it is found) will always be seamlessly assimilated into the global (when it arrives there) because of the instrument of money.  Do you agree?

3.   There is no such thing as a cosmopolitan elite, if this means someone who is immune from the pains and anxieties of globalization.  Do you agree?

4. In the new “caste” system of globalization (following Baudrillard), race and skin colour no longer matter.  Do you agree?


(2017 set)

Mid-Term Quiz – choose 2 questions and write short answers (about 1 page each answer).  You have 45 minutes

1.   “Middle-class global Asians, unlike their working-class counterparts, can fit seamlessly anywhere in the global order” – would you agree?  Illustrate with some examples you can think of.

2.   Capitalism inevitably brings inter-generational conflict – do you agree?  Give reasons

3.   What do you think examples of Asian “viral” phenomena (like Psy, Saltbae or others) reveal about Asian identity in the age of global social media?

4.   “Migration is empowering in terms of gender and sexuality” – do you agree?  Illustrate with some examples