Graduate Supervisions, Committee Work, Examinations

I have supervised the following graduate students and topics (not including Honours Theses supervisions; in Department of English Language and Literature, NUS, unless otherwise stated)

Supervisions and Graduate Committees:

Renee Chow, “Angela Carter: The Dialectics of Postmodern Gothic” (M.A. by research—Thesis Supervisor)

Joyceline See, “Analyzing Media Culture: Re-Integrating the Image Factor in Postmodernism” (M.A. by research—Thesis Supervisor)

Catherine Jean Gomes, "The Woman Warrior-Hero of Science Fiction Films" (M.A. by coursework—Thesis Supervisor)

Voo Mun Pan, "Stephen King's Danse Macabre: Gothic Poetics, the Family" (M.A. by coursework-Thesis Supervisor)

Dahlia Lai, "The Savage Garden of Anne Rice" (M.A. by coursework-Thesis Supervisor)

Liaw Hsiao-mein, "The Vampire as Immigrant in Anne Rice" (M.A. by coursework-Thesis Supervisor)

Ang Geok Lian, "Biblical Symbolism in Science Fiction and Fantasy" (M.A. by coursework-Thesis Supervisor)

Liew Hui Li, "Generation G: Foregrounding the Social Landscape (in Singapore Fiction) in an Era of Globalization" (M.A. by coursework-Thesis Supervisor)

Don Bosco, "Urban Youth and the Carnival of Technology" (Ph.D, co-supervisor with A/P John Phillips)

Dag Martinsen, "Unpleasant Pleasures: Fearing and Enjoying Ghost Stories" (M.A. by coursework-Thesis Supervisor)

Jasmine Liew Suet Yee, "Life at the Margins: The Modernist Short Story" (M.A. by coursework-Thesis Supervisor)

Olivia Kimberlin Garcia-McKean, "Religious Perspectives in Singaporean Literature" (M.A. by research-Thesis Supervisor)

Wang Xiu, "Nightmares in the Sunlight: Psychoanalysis in Stephen King's Gothic" (M.A. by research) (stand-in supervisor for re-writing stage)

Shameema Banu Haja Mohideen, "Marxist Feminist Criticism and the Victorian Novel" (Ph.D, co-supervisor with Ryan Bishop)

Chan Sein Leong, “The Hermeneutics Nexus” (Thesis Committee Member)

Orlando Woods, “Evangelical Christianity in Sri Lanka,” Department of Geography, NUS (Thesis Committee Member—supervisor Lily Kong)

Kim Su Min, thesis topic tbc.  (PhD-Thesis Supervisor)

Shafiqah Song Xiuhua, thesis topic tbc (MA by Research-Thesis Supervisor)


Theses Examined:
Lily Rose Tope, “Nationalism and the Post Colonial Text in English in Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines” (Ph.D; 1997)
Mala Sundram, “Female Neurosis: A Psychological Reading of Women in Hardy’s Novels” (M.A.; 1997)
Evelyn Joyce Nathan, “Charles Dickens Presentation of the Hero Figure” (M.A; 1995.)
Jaganathan Paramanathan, “Self and Other in the Novels of Saul Bellow and Patrick White” (M.A.; 1995)
Janamanchi Ramalakshmi, “Bakhtin and the Rabelaisianism of Tristram Shandy” (M.A; 1998.)
Rozita Dass, “The Sociological Phenomena of Contemporary Popular Teenage Series Fiction” (M.A.; 2002)
Shelly Elizabeth Bryant, “Institutional Readings: Christianity, the Satanic and Censorship in the Harry Potter Phenomenon” (M.A.; 2002)
Shawna Tang Ser Wei, “Intimate Bonds: A Study of Female Sexuality in Singapore” (Department of Sociology, NUS)(M.Soc.Sci; 2002)
Paul Leonard Yeoh, “Visions of Language in Selected Nineteenth-Century Texts” (M.A.; 2002)
Wang Xiu, “Nightmares in the Sunlight: Psychoanalysis in Stephen Kings Gothic” (M.A; 2002, initial submission only)
Geraldine Song Siew Kee, “A Levinasian Approach to Art and Ethics in Frankenstein” (M.A., 2003)
Uma Senthil Kumaran, “The Jayalalitha Phenomenon” (M.A., 2004).

Regina Lee, “Theorising the Chinese Diaspora” (Murdoch University) (Ph.D, 2005).
Tong Kooi Chin, “Christian Ethics and Economic Life” (Department of Sociology, NUS) (Ph.D 2009).

Jayeel Cornelio, “Religious Identity and the Isolated Generation” (Department of Sociology, NUS) (Ph.D, 2011).

Benjamin Chua Wei Hao, “Struggling with the Spirit: Institution Building, Charisma, and Politics of Regulation in the Pentecostal-Charismatic Movement in Singapore. (Department of Sociology, NUS) (M.Soc.Sci, 2015)

Kwan Qi Xiang, “Connectionalism and Print: Network, Ideas and Community Formation in the Chinese-Speaking Methodists of Malaya and Singapore, 1936-1960.”  (Department of History, NUS) (MA, 2015)


Other candidates (as chair or member of Oral Examination committee), including Shantini Pillai, Aimchoo Prapaipan, Rajeevnath Ramnath, Wu Siew Mei, Vivien Ler, Ingrid Hoofd, Aurapan Weerawong, Joseph Afful, Yang Liping, He Jisheng, Beatriz Parades Lorente, Wong Shengyu, Yang Yanning, Lim Chee Ching.