EL3222: Cinematic Discourse & Language
Project Report Notes


Here are some suggestions on the questions that you may want to answer in your project report. These are just suggestions. Feel free to develop questions of your own, especially if they are relevant to your project.

The Project Report


  1. Why did you choose the movie?
    1. Was it a random choice?
    2. Or was there a purpose behind your choice?
  2. How closely is your report related to your presentation? While the report should reflect what is presented, this may not always be possible, as the presentation is an oral mode of communication, whereas the report is written. It may be impossible or harder to explain some of the points in the written report than in the presentation, and vice versa. 
  3. Were there disagreements in the observations of project members or does the report reflect the general consensus of all members?


  1. Main discussion of the movie, which can either refer to the movie as a whole or partially.
  2. The points of your report should be put forth systematically:
    1. They could be organised in terms of the ideas presented, with each main idea included in a paragraph or sub-section of the report.
    2. If your work could be presented chronologically, you could divide your points up according to the chronology of the movie. Given the word limit, there may be enough space for you to present only a three-stage chronology of the movie beginning, middle, end with each stage written under a separate sub-section.
  3. If necessary, and if they have not been specifically indicated earlier in the Introduction, you should specify the disagreements among the group members. If these are not indicated, it will be presumed that all members agree on all the points.
  4. One obvious difference with the presentation is that this is a written document. However, one advantage of submitting only the soft copy of the report (hence the requirement), is that you can link the report to relevant clips from your chosen movie. If you intend to include video clips linked to your report, do not submit your report to the IVLE workbin (there might not be sufficient space for this), but submit a CD with the relevant files included. One way to make the links to your report, as instructed by Microsoft Word, is indicated below:
    1. On the Insert menu, click Object, and then click the Create from File tab.
    2. Click Browse, and locate the movie you want to insert.
    3. To insert the movie as a linked object, select the Link to file check box.
    4. To display the movie as an icon, select the Display as icon check box.


  1. What has your project achieved?
  2. Can your observations be applied to:
    1. Other movies of the same genre?
    2. Other movies of different genres?
    3. Other examples of discourse, whether linguistic, semi-linguistic or non-linguistic?
  3. How has your work for the project help you to understand the importance of cooperative work for some kinds of linguistic or cinematic research?
  4. What are the gaps in the research done for the project? How can these gaps be filled in future research?
  5. How has your work enhanced the thinking of the group members, and how will it help others to think likewise?

Document last revised on 03 October 2018.