EL3222: Further Documents

Available Lecture Notes:
    1. Discourse, Style and Narrative in Cinema
    2. Discoursal and Cinematic Audiences
    3. The Nature and Limits of Narrative in Cinema
    4. Cinema and Language: A Critical Look
    5. Language and Cinema Studies: The Semiotic and Discoursal Connections
    6. Stasis in Motion: Understanding Cinematic Space
    7. Cinematic Genres and (Cross-)Generic Connections
    8. Cinematic Authorship 
    9, Characterisation and Acting: Some Issues
  10. Main Characters and Their Opponents
  11. Characters and Identity
  12. Cinematic Events
  13. Cinematic Narration

Critical Thinking:
    What Critical Thinking Is & How It Could Be Used for EL3222
    Critical Thinking And Your Assessment

Lecture Note-Taking:
    Notes on Note-Taking