EL3222 Cinematic Discourse & Language:
Project Presentation

Percentage of total marks for the project: 10% for the presentation (this document) & 10% for the report.


The project topic is open, so long as it is related to a topic pertaining to the module. The project work is done by a group (see below). Individual projects are not accepted.

Dates for group project presentations

Refer to the schedule.

Details on the project presentations are given below.

Group members

  1. The project group should consist of four to six members. Smaller or bigger groups are discouraged, unless it is really impossible for members to join other groups.
  2. The names of the group members should be given to me once the group is formed.

Scale of project

  1. Please note that the project carries a total of 20% of the marks. As such, it is an important component of your continuous assessment.
  2. It is strongly recommended that if movies are to be used for the presentation, only one or two short movies (or clips) are to be selected, as you will not have the time to discuss more movies during the presentation. Remember, you only have thirty minutes for the presentation (which includes playing time for the movie, movies or clips), and there should also be fifteen minutes of discussion with your course-mates and me as well.

Preparing for the presentation

  1. The division of labour for the project group is something that you should decide initially. This is an arrangement between members of the group, which you need not convey to me beforehand.
  2. The recommended software for the presentation is PowerPoint 2003 or 2007. Other software may be used, but students are urged to ascertain beforehand if their software is compatible with the operating system and hardware available in the seminar room. I have found that Macintosh presentation software does not always work with the available operating system and hardware. No added time will be given for technical glitches these glitches should be resolved before and not during the session.
  3. Instead of presenting a uniform group opinion, your group could present, whenever possible, a diversity of opinions. Remember, critical thinking has nothing to do with uniformity of opinion. However, diversity of opinions and evaluations should be presented systematically, and you should discuss with your group mates or with me on how this could be done.
  4. Students are expected to play at least a segment of the video. They need not integrate the video clips within their PowerPoint file if they do not know how to do this. They can be played separately using Microsoft Media Player or via hypertext links within the PowerPoint file, or using the DVD player available, without hyper-linking them to the PowerPoint file.

Timing & presenters

  1. The presentation should be thirty minutes in length, and no more.
  2. Students can decide on who they want to appoint to present.
  3. There should be fifteen minutes of discussion after the presentation.

Content of presentation

  1. The purpose of the project must be clearly and systematically presented.
  2. The findings and observations of the project must be presented systematically.
  3. The content of the presentation must be original.
  4. The content of the presentation must be relevant to the module.

Manner & quality of presentation

The project presentation is not judged solely on its content. The manner and quality of the presentation, according to the following criteria, are also important:

  1. Was the use of graphics, sound and/or video effective?
  2. How was the delivery? (eg. voice quality, audibility, movements, gestures, attempt at eye-contact, etc.)
  3. How was the group dynamics like (eg. coordination and cooperation between members of the group)?
  4. Overall, was the presentation interesting? Or was it boring?

03 February 2012.