The Project Report

Is a project report needed?

Yes. It constitutes 10% of your CA. Another 10% is for your project presentation. However, if your project is in the form of a website or blogsite, please see A/P Talib; in this case, the suggested division of your marks for your online project is 10% for the site (whose content is equivalent to the project report), 5% for the presentation of your observations, findings or arguments on the site, and 5% for your class presentation.  

Writing up the report

  1. The recommended software for the write up of the project report is Microsoft Word (any version). Other word-processing software or HTML can be used, but inform me about this in advance.
  2. The project report should be between 500 and 2,000 words.
  3. The report need not be an exact copy of your presentation. You will notice that two different discourse media are in operation here, and you should appreciate the differences between them.
  4. A project report is not a group essay. The requirements of the project report are not the same as those of a group essay. You should present your points and observations more succinctly than in an essay, and the write-up should follow a prescribed format, which is given below (the format is usually more variable for an essay).
  5. Your project report should follow the following format:
    1. Introduction
    2. Body
    3. Conclusion
    Details of the above are given in the Project Report Notes.

Submitting the project report

  1. The project report is to be submitted either via the workbin at the IVLE or   if your project report includes video clips by handing me a CD which includes the project report and video clips linked to it (advice on how to do this in Microsoft Word is given in the Project Report Notes).
  2. No hard paper copies will be accepted.
  3. The deadline for submission is two weeks after your presentation.
  4. My comments on your submission will be given in the marked copy of your submission, which will be deposited in the IVLE workbin.