EL4221: Narrative Structures
Electronic Contributions: General


For this part of your assessment, you can contribute to any one of the platforms below:

  1. IVLE Forum

  2. IVLE Chat

  3. Other electronic contributions: for example, discussion of narrative on your blogs or websites


This is a non-negotiable component of the CA, at least as far as the electronic format is concerned. Students cannot substitute this component of the CA with another exercise, such as writing a short essay. This is the portion of the CA that is often neglected by students, and their non-participation (i.e. 0 mark) often results in scoring a lower overall grade than what they should get.

Only one will do, but contribute!

To make it easy for you, you do not have to be involved in all of the above just one of them will do, although you can, of course, contribute to more than one, and your contributions will be assessed accordingly. It is possible to score full marks if you have made excellent or extensive contributions to any of the above. Whatever it is, REMEMBER to contribute during the semester: marks cannot be awarded for non-participation.

Time period

Contributions must fall within the semester that the module is taught: 12 January to 20 April. Earlier or later contributions are not considered.

Percentage of marks

Percentage of marks for this module: 15%

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Last revised: 25 June 2013