EL4221 Essays: Criteria

Some of the criteria that will be used for assessing your essays are listed below.
Soft copies of essays should be submitted to the appropriate folder in the IVLE workbin. No hard copies will be accepted.
Percentage of total marks for your essay: 25%.

EL4221: Criteria Used for Marking Your Essays
Important criteria are marked with asterisks.
(This is a general guide. Depending on the specific demands of the essay assignment, there may be variations to the rubrics below)

A. Answering the question
1.         Correct understanding of the question*
2.     Execution of the main requirements of the question and/or its various parts*
B. Organisation of essay
3.         Clarity
4.         Systematic and smooth development of arguments and ideas
5.         Appropriate introduction and conclusion
C. Accuracy
6.         Making correct observations
7.     Good understanding and correct application of concepts
D. Originality
8.     Ability to formulate and make use of original ideas
9.          Ability to express own opinions or judgments*
10.     Willingness to take intellectual risks, instead of following set patterns or procedures
E. Quality of argumentation
11.     Adequate evidence and/or examples for observations and arguments
12.  Relevant examples, observations or arguments
13.  Significance of observations or arguments
14.  The presentation of complete arguments
15.  The presentation of fair or convincing arguments or observations
F. Critical, interpretive and thinking abilities
16.   Critical thinking ability*
17.      Ability to make perceptive observations
18.   Depth of thinking
G. Command of language
19.      Spelling errors
20.     Grammatical agreement
21.     Sentence construction
22.     Idiomatic usage
23.     Vocabulary: correct use of words
H. Formatting
24.     Problems with formatting?
I. Research
25.   Whether adequate research (where needed) has been done
26.    The systematic and purposeful ability to use references

Any feedback on the criteria, either generally, or in relation to individual assignments before their submission, is welcome.