EL5221 Discussion: Session 2

Linguistics, Literature, Stylistics and Pedagogy

Discussion date: 22nd August 2006

Today's discussion session will concentrate on preliminary issues, mainly in relation to lecture notes 1, and the further readings recommended for lecture 1.

  1. As this is our second session and everyone doing the module is (or should be) here, you should take the opportunity to introduce yourselves:
  2. What is literature? How do you define it? Are there boundaries to what is and is not literature? You may be interested in looking at the following, which is a corpus-driven study of what literature is, according to a group of students surveyed:
  3. What is your highest attainment for the study of literature? Are you familiar with all the terms defined on my page, A Brief List of Some Key Terms in Literature?
  4. Discuss some of the issues found in lecture notes no. 1:
  5. Is the linguistic analysis of literature of relevance in the teaching of literature or language? This is of course the topic of your project as well. What are your views of the following articles? Are they relevant to what you are interested in doing for the project?

Last revised: 21 June 2006