EL5221 Project

Timetable & Deadlines

Project Topic: Is the linguistic analysis of literature of relevance in the teaching of literature or language?

Some Relevant Readings
● 'Language and literature in tertiary education: The case for stylistics' by Steve Buckledee
● 'Towards a pedagogical stylistics' by Urszula Clark and Sonia Zyngier
● 'Institutionalized utterances, literature, and language teaching' by Ian MacKenzie
● 'Vagrant sympathies: From stylistic analysis to a pedagogy of style' by John Tinker
An article that is relevant to both your project and term paper is the following:
● 'Reading grammatically: Exploring the constructedness of literary texts' by Len Unsworth
Your group should also draw up its own reading list. We will be discussing this in the sixth session (before the mid-semester break)

Percentage of total marks for this module (including project presentation): 15%

Week Date Tasks
1 15/8 Introduction of project topic
2 22/8 Discussion of project topic during the discussion session. Students begin to form themselves into project groups (at least two groups the number of students in each group will depend on the overall class size)
3 29/8 Project groups to be confirmed. Submission of names of project members.
4 5/9 Tentative project titles to be given.
5 12/9 Brief general discussion of project work during the session.
6 19/9 Brief general discussion of project work: your further readings for the topic.
  26/9 Mid-semester break
7 3/10 Confirmation of project titles
8 10/10 Any problems with the confirmed titles? Any other problems?
9 17/10 Brief discussion of both the final write-up of the project report and the presentation
10 24/10 ~~Hari Raya Puasai~~
11 31/10 (Class test)
12 7/11 Project presentations 1 (30 minutes per group)
13 15/11 Project presentations 2. Submission of project reports: to be uploaded in the workbin (preferably), or sent to cosibst@nus.edu.sg (only for smaller files) by 12 am. Software to be used for writing up: Microsoft Word (any version). Other software or coding languages such as HTML may also be used (discuss this with me beforehand). No paper submissions will be accepted (unless good reasons are given). Projects that consist of large files (more than 5 mbs in total) should be submitted on CDs.