EL5221: Discussion Handouts

The last forty-five minutes of most of the sessions (8.15-9 pm) will be devoted to discussions with students. All students are expected to be fully involved during these sessions.

The following handouts are to be printed and brought to class for the appropriate lecture sessions.

Percentage of total marks for class participation: 10% (these discussions, although they do not fully constitute class participation, are an important component of it).

Week Date Handouts  
1 15/8 N. A. (Introduction)
2 22/8 Discussion Handout on Linguistics, Literature, Stylistics and Pedagogy
3 29/8 Discussion Handout on Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives, Adverbs & Determiners
4 5/9 Discussion Handout on the Linguistic Analysis of Poetry
5 12/9 Discussion Handout on Mood and Modality in Literary Works
6 19/9 Discussion Handout on Transitivity
  26/9 Mid-semester break
7 3/10 Discussion Handout on the Narrator, Point of View and Sentence Structure
8 10/10 Discussion Handout on Theme-Rheme
9 17/10 Discussion Handout on Cohesion
10 24/10


11 31/10 N. A. (Test)
12 7/11 N. A. (Project Presentations 1)
13 14/11 N. A. (Project Presentations 2)