EL4221 Term Paper (2017)


Do one of the following:

a) The use of narrative in a commercial or commercials.
b) The use of narrative in comic strip or strips.
c) Narrative in a music video (or music videos).

Exact Title

There is obviously a need to pinpoint the general direction of your essay and the texts or medium to be analysed. You have to discuss this with me beforehand. The exact title, which you must give at the beginning of your essay, will depend on the chosen content or perspective taken for your essay.

Content of Essay

Your essay should discuss the linguistic and/or literary features of the commercial(s) or comic strip(s), as well as the non-linguistic features (such as the visuals), and how they contribute to the overall narrative.

Number of Writers & Word Limits

Individually written essays are encouraged, but there is a possibility of writing it as a joint project with two or three members in the group. The maximum number of words will vary according to whether it is an individual or joint essay:

  1. Individual essay: between 1,200 to 2,500 words
  2. Joint essay by two students: up to 2,800 words
  3. Joint essay by three students: up to 4,200 words

Individual essays are encouraged. Students who are interested in writing joint essays should see me beforehand.

Criteria for Marking Your Essays

The criteria for marking your essays are given in a separate document.

Deadline & Method of Submission

The proposed deadline is the 21st of March (the lecture on the tenth week). All term papers should be submitted to the IVLE workbin. Hard copies are not accepted, unless there are special reasons for submitting your essay in this form.