EL4221: Narrative Structures
2017-18 Semester 2
Schedule of Sessions: Lectures, Discussions & Readings

(The following is based on last year's planned schedule. This academic year's schedule is in the process of being
revised. Changes that are designed to accommodate a partially flipped approach to teaching and learning are likely.)

Seminars to be held every week on
Day Time Venue
Tuesday 3 pm 6 pm AS5 0205

Module Lecturer:   Assoc Prof Ismail S. Talib e-mail: ellibst@.nus.edu.sg.


Week Date Topic (students are to at least read the main readings indicated by the links below prior to the lectures)
1 16 Jan
Definitions of narrative
Main readings: Narrative Theory (henceforth NT): Chapter 1: Definitions of Narrative; further readings.
2 23 Jan
Beginnings & ends of narrative
Main readings: NT: Chapter 2: Beginnings and Ends; further readings.
3 30 Jan
Main readings: NT: Chapter 3:  Settings; further readings
4 6 Feb Characters and characterisation
Main reading: NT: Chapter 4: Characters; further readings
5 13 Feb
Main reading: NT: Chapter 5: Events; further readings
6 20 Feb
Main reading: NT: Chapter 6: Plot; further readings
    Mid-semester break
7 6 Mar The narrator
Main reading: NT: Chapter 7: The Narrator; further readings
8 13 Mar
Schema & Genres
Main readings: NT: Chapter 8: Schema; Chapter 9: Genres
9 20 Mar
Narrative production
Main reading: NT: Chapter 10: Narrative Production
10 27 Mar
Cinematic narrative 1
Main reading: NT: Chapter 11: Cinematic Narrative
11 3 Apr Cinematic narrative 2
Main reading: NT: Chapter 11: Cinematic Narrative
12 10 Apr
Symbol and allegory
Main reading: NT: Chapter 12: Symbol and Allegory
13 17 Apr
Narrative and morality
Main reading: NT: Chapter 13: Morality: Narrative and Ethics
Examination: No Final Exam (100% CA)

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