EL4221: Narrative Structures
Project Specifications & Recommendations


The project consists of a presentation of one's findings, research etc. A report is also required for this exercise. Further notes on these components are given below.

Size of group

Three members (plus or minus one).

The presentation: specifications

  1. The presentation should be twenty minutes in length, and no more. Groups that exceed the time limit will be stopped, even if they have not completed their presentation.
  2. There should be five minutes of discussion after the presentation.
  3. Instead of unswervingly presenting a conformist group opinion, your group should present, whenever possible, a diversity of opinions. Remember, critical thinking has nothing to do with conformist thinking. However, diversity of opinions and evaluations should be presented systematically, and you should discuss with your group mates or with me on how this could be done.
  4. Not every member of your group need to present.
  5. The recommended software for the presentation is PowerPoint 2003, 2007 or 2010. Other software may be used, but students are urged to ascertain beforehand if their software is compatible with the operating system and hardware available in the seminar room. I have found that Macintosh presentation software does not always work with the available operating system and hardware. No added time will be given for technical glitches these glitches should be resolved before and not during the session.

The presentation: assessment yardsticks

Here are some questions that I bear in mind when assessing your presentation:

  1. Was the purpose of the project clearly and systematically presented?
  2. Was there a smooth progression of the ideas or observations presented?
  3. Was the content of your presentation original? Or did it present old ideas in a new light?
  4. Was the content relevant to the module?
  5. Was the use of graphics, sound and/or video effective?
  6. How was your sense of timing? (a rehearsal before your presentation might help you to avoid going beyond the time limit).
  7. How was the delivery? (eg. voice quality, audibility, movements, gestures, attempt at eye-contact, etc.)
  8. How was the group dynamics like (eg. coordination and cooperation between members of the group)?
  9. Overall, was the presentation interesting?

The project report

The project report is essential. The following should be followed when writing the report:

  1. The project report should be between 1,000 and 2,000 words
  2. The report need not be an exact replica of your presentation.
  3. A project report is not a group essay. The requirements of the project report are not the same as those of a group essay. You should present your points and observations more succinctly than in an essay, and the write-up should follow a prescribed format, which is given below (the format is usually more variable for an essay).
  4. Your project report should follow the following format:
    1. Introduction
    2. Body
    3. Conclusion
    Details of the above are given in another document.

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