EL4221 Project (2017)


The project deals with narrative across disciplines or professions (henceforth D or P):
1. Select the use or uses of narrative in the D or P that you have chosen.
2. Give an elaboration of how narrative functions in the D or P: this should form the main body of your project presentation and report.
3. Point out how narrative serves a purpose in the D or P that may not be fulfilled by using other means.
4. Explain how your study of narrative structures may be helpful in your examination of the narrative or narratives in the D or P.
5. Is the examination of narrative in the D or P helpful to the general study of narrative?
You may want to look at some videos that may give you some hints on what to look for in your projects.


Week 11: 28th March. Further specifications on the presentation and the general organisation of the projects for this module are given in a separate document. Students should remember that the time limit for the presentation should be strictly followed and should not be exceeded.

Word Limit & Deadline for Report

The project report is essential. It should be between 1,000 to 2,500 words, and the deadline is before the final lecture session (i.e. before the 11th of April). Your report should be submitted to the IVLE workbin, unless it is larger than 200 mb (eg. inclusion of video clips or other large files), in which case it should be submitted in a CD or DVD (in order to meet the deadline however, you may want to submit the text of the report to the IVLE beforehand).

Other project documents: Project notes
  Project report

Project videos
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