EL4221: Narrative Structures
Topic 1: Readings & Links

Topic and Readings & Links

1) Definitions of narrative

Main readings:
Narrative Theory
(henceforth NT): Chapter 1: Definitions of Narrative

Print readings (from the Basic Texts):
Chatman: Preface & Chapter 1
Toolan: Preface & Chapter 1
Bal: Introduction
Leitch: Chapters 1 & 3
Martin: Chapter 4

Further readings & links:

Introduction to the levels of structural analysis of the narrative text by Jos Angel Garcia Landa
Narrative (Wikipedia)
Narratology by David Rudrum
The slow fusion of play and storytelling by L. M Smith (3 Oct 2004)
What history is by Professor Alun Munslow
What is a story? by Steve Denning

More advanced:
Against Narrative (poem) by Amittai Aviram (2004)
Beyond Myth and Metaphor The Case of Narrative in Digital Media by Marie-Laure Ryan Game Studies 1.1
Recent Concepts of Narrative and the Narratives of Narrative Theory by Brian Richardson Style (Summer, 2000)
Some Further Steps in Narrative Analysis by William Labov (1997)*
Story and.... "story": Reflections on an over-hyped concept by Mark Le Fanu P.O.V. 18 (Dec 2004)
The Story of Grammars and the Grammar of Stories by Robert de Beaugrande Journal of Pragmatics 6 (1982): 383-422

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