EL4221: Narrative Structures
Topic 3: Readings & Links

Topic and Readings & Links
3) Setting

Main reading
NT: Chapter 3:  Settings

Print readings
(from the Basic Texts): Note
Bal, 1.5, 2.6
Chatman, pp. 138-45
Rimmon-Kenan, pp. 66-7, 69-70
Toolan, 4.5, 4.6, 4.7

Further readings & links

Discover The Basic Elements of Setting In a Story (Courtney Carpenter; 2 May 2012)
How to Describe the Setting in a Story (wikiHow)
How to Identify Elements of a Narrative Setting (Kori Morgan)
Need a setting!! (Susan Rand; 11 Nov 2004)
Parts of Story: What Is Narrative Setting?  (Karen Woodward; 6 April 2014)
Setting (Literary Devices)
Stories with familiar settings (The National Literacy Strategy, Primary Level, UK)
What Setting Tells Us

More advanced
Diegesis (Wikipedia)

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