EL4221: Narrative Structures
Topic 6 Readings & Links

Topic and Readings & Links
6) Plot
Main reading:
: Chapter 6: Plot
Print readings (from the Basic Texts): Note
The print readings for events are also relevant. In addition, you may want to take a look at the following:
Leitch, chapter 7
Martin, pp. 71-4, 90-115, 122-9.
Toolan, 2.2-2.6, 5.1-5.7, 5.11
Further readings & links
Alicia Rasley on A-Plot, B-Plot and Sub-Plot (1998)
Classifying plots in terms of characterization by Lyman A. Baker
Constructing Plot: The Elements of Plot Development; What Goes into a Plot?
Definition of Plot
Hatch's Plot Bank
It's a small world: John Mullan analyses Small Island by Andrea Levy The Guardian (1 Jan 2005)
Plot in literature, theater, movies (Wikipedia)
Plotting without Fears by Alicia Rasley (1998)
Plot (Wikipedia)
from Scribendi.com: The Plot Skeleton
Short articles by Niko Silvester:
     Writing Fiction: A Beginnerís Guide Part 2: Plot
Thoughts on suspense and uncertainty by Vera Tobin
Thirteen Prime Plot Principles by Alicia Rasley
What a Plot IS by Bill Johnson (2000)
What are the seven basic literary plots? by Cecil Adams (24 Nov 2000)
More advanced:
10 Writing "Rules" We Wish More Science Fiction and Fantasy Authors Would Break Charlie Jane Anders io9
Chance in Contemporary Narrative: The Example of Paul Auster by Steven E. Alford (2004)
Coincidence or Providence? Verse Commentary on Exodus 1:22-2:10 by Dennis Bratcher (2005)
Greimas, Bremond, and the 'Miller's Tale.' - A.J. Greimas; Claude Bremond by Harold F. Mosher, Jr. Style (Fall 1997)
Italo Calvino and inevitability in storytelling by Richard Raskin P.O.V. 18 (Dec 2004)
Lecture Five: Dynamics in Narrative Structures by Franson D. Manjali, Cyber Semiotic Institute (1997)
Modules on Barthes: I: On Plotting by Dino Felluga
Modules on Brooks: I: On Plotting, II: On Narrative Desire by Dino Felluga
Modules on Greimas: I: On Plotting by Dino Felluga
The Phantom of Liberty by Marco Lanzagorta Senses of Cinema (April 2002)
*A Poetics of Coincidence in Narrative Fiction by Hilary P. Dannenberg Poetics Today 25.3 (2004): 399-436
A Review of Caroline Levine's The Serious Pleasures of Suspense: Victorian Realism and Narrative Doubt by Philip V. Allingham, The Victorian Web
Star Wars: Episodes I-VI
: The greatest postmodern art film ever by Aidan Wasley Slate (1 Nov 2005)
Story, Plot & Narrative by Chris Bateman (blog entry, 18 Aug 2005)
Through a Glass Darkly: Narrative as Destiny (paraphrase) by Glenn Larner Theory and Psychology 8.4 (1998): 549-572

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