EL4221: Narrative Structures
Topic 7 Readings & Links

Topic and Readings & Links
7) The narrator

Main reading
: Chapter 7: The Narrator

Print readings
(from the Basic Texts):
Bal, 2.7, 3.1, 3.2, 3.5
Chatman, chapters 4 (esp. pp. 147-161) & 5.
Genette, chapters 4 & 5.
Martin, chapters 6 & 7
Rimmon-Kenan, chapters 6 & 7.
Toolan, 3.4-3.8, 4.11

Further readings & links

Author (disambiguation) (Wikipedia)
A Brief Introduction to Point of View by Ruth Nestvold (2002)
Exploring Point of View: Point of View; Types of Point of View  by Susan Glaspell
First Person or Third? by Tara K. Harper (2004)
First-Person Voice and Points of View by John Rechy (2005)
from Get Writing (BBC): Perspective: First Person; Third Person
How to Write Time and First Person by Holly Lisle (2003)
Narrative point of view: some considerations
by John Lye
Narrator (Wikipedia)
Point of View by Jim Lane Humanities Web (10 Nov 2000)
Writing Fiction: A Beginner’s Guide Part 5: Point of View and Narrative Voice

More advanced
Critical Concepts by Lyman A. Baker:
     Foils & Point of View
     Point of View: First-Person Narrator
     Point of View: "Objective Narration" "Omniscient Narration" "Reliable Narration"
     "Point of View" -- of a story vs. -- of a person, or of a fictional character
Discordant Narration by Dorrit Cohn Style (Summer 2000)
*Focalization and Narration: Theoretical and Terminological Refinements by Göran Nieragden Poetics Today 23.4 (Winter 2002): 685-97
*Hearing Voices in Narrative Texts by Richard Aczel New Literary History 29.3 (1998): 467-500
The Implied Author in Kieslowski's White by Rimma Garn (abstract)
Introduction: second-person narrative and related issues by Monika Fludernik Style (Fall 1994)
*The Narratee as Confessor in Margaret Laurence's The Fire-Dwellers by Brenda Beckman-Long Literature and Theology 17.2 (2003): 113-126
Narration in Radio Drama by Tony Palermo
The Unreliable Narrator of Job by James W. Watts (2001)
TL versus SL Implied Reader: Assessing Receptivity when Translating Children’s Literature Cristina Sousa Meta
Visible storytellers: women narrators on 1950s daytime television by Marsha F. Cassidy Style (Summer 2001)
Web pages by Lilia Melani:
     The Narrator, the Reader, and Ambiguity in Vanity Fair
     Point of View in Emma
     Point of View in Wuthering Heights
Windows of focalization: deconstructing and reconstructing a narratological concept by Manfred Jahn Style (Summer 1996)

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