GEH1051/GEK1049: Narrative
2016-17, Semester 2

Qn: Write an essay on how narrative is used in ONE of the following:
        a) your major subject, or the subject that you intend to major in,
        b) one of your hobbies,
        c) a particular profession,
        d) a music video (under 5 minutes),
        e) a movie/video game trailer

You may want to take a look at the Narrative Connections page to get an idea on how narrative is used in some disciplines. You may also find the following topics that I curate useful in seeing how narrative is used in various disciplines and professions, and in film. In this regard, you may find some of the e-zines I curate on Flipboard of some use to you: Politics and Narrative, The Cinematographer, Video Game Narrative, Business & Narrative and Film Directing.

Deadline: 3rd April 2017 (before 6 pm).
No. of Words: Between 500 to 2,000 words.
Software to be Used: Microsoft Word (any version). If you want to use another software, discuss the matter with your tutor.
Referencing: Any systematic method of referencing is allowed. Among the style sheets you may want to use for your essay (in order of preference) are those of the American Psychological Association,  the Modern Language Association or the Linguistic Society of America. If you refer to material found on the Internet, hypertext links should be made to them: these could easily be done using Microsoft Word and other programs.
Method of submission: Hard copies via your tutor's mailbox, and soft copies through the IVLE module workbin. For the soft copies, students should scan their files for viruses before submitting them.

Sample essays can be found in the GEH1051 workbin in IVLE.

Percentage of total marks for this module: 20%.