GEK1049: Tutorial 9, Cinematic Narratives

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Main reading:
, Chapter 11: Cinematic Narratives (sections 1-5, 12-32 only).


  1. Mention a film you have seen recently and how your knowledge of narrative has helped you to understand or describe it better.
  2. How can a narrative be conveyed visually? Is cinematic narrative easier to analyse than single-frame paintings that are described as 'narrative'?
  3. How is cinematic narrative different from written narratives that are not performed or filmed?
  4. Is the idea of telling, using language, a problem with cinematic narratives?
  5. What are the various ways by which cinematic narratives depend on the camera (you can mention one or two ways, and how you feel they are important to the narrative).
  6. Mention any noteworthy use of flashbacks in any films you have seen.

Last revised: 26/07/2012

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