GES1025/SSA1207: Essays
2018–2019, 2nd Semester


The essay constitutes 20% of your marks for this module.

Please note that your tutor may have given you separate instructions on the essays for this module. If this is the case, his instructions over-ride the instructions given on this page.

Essay specifications

Word limit

The essays should be between 1,500 to 2,000 words. Longer essays are usually not accepted, unless students can provide very good reasons on why their essays cannot be kept within the word limit.


A short 150 to 250-word summary should be provided.


You can use either British or American spelling, but please be consistent: i.e. you should use only one spelling system throughout.


The recommended referencing system for this academic year is that adopted by the Modern Language Association of America (also known by the MLA acronym).* This is the referencing system adopted or recommended by a good number of North American universities and tertiary institutions elsewhere for theses and essays in literature and the humanities. A brief on-line description of this referencing system is available. There are also several online generators which will help you with this referencing system, such as the one provided by Citation Machine. It is of course also available in Microsoft Word: under References → Citations & Bibliography → Style (drop-down menu, choose MLA) → Insert Citation.


12th April 2019.

Mode of submission

To the IVLE workbin and by hard copy to your tutor. For the soft copy, please name your file in the following manner: Group-Name-GES1025 Essay: eg. "D2-Charles Xxx-GES1025 Essay.docx".


The topics for this year's essays are given below

a) Poetry

The representation of Singapore in poetry.

Note: There can be variations of the above in your essays. If you are in doubt, discuss the exact title with your tutor.

b) Drama

The Singaporean elements in one or more of these plays: Kuo's The Coffin Is Too Big for the Hole, Kon's Emily of Emerald Hill and Sharma's Good People.

Note: Again, variations are allowed. Please consult your tutor.

c) Fictional prose

Do one of the following:

  1. History in either Goh's If We Dream Too Long or Lim's A Bit of Earth.
  2. The representation of Singapore in If We Dream Too Long or Malaya in Lim's A Bit of Earth.

Note: If you want to do your own topic on fictional prose, please consult your tutor.

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