Chapter Eight: How's the Mixture? - English, Dialects, and Other Languages (links to some of the sections)
Using Dialects, Languages, and Switching Them
- Balconville, by David Fennario (PowerPoint presentation)
o Is It Really Code Switching?: Borrowing and Interference
     - Code Switching as a Countenance of Language Interference (1997) by Richard Skiba
     - Latino Fiction and the Modernist Imagination by John S. Christie: Chapter Three (Part III): Latino Voices and "English con Salsa"
    o Knowledge of other languages
     - Rolando Hinojosa
Other Stylistic Considerations Apart from Code-Mixing
o Speech presentation
     - Speech and thought presentation (from my Literary Stylistics Notes)
    o Oral influence of non-English languages
     - Nigerian Literature: Oral and Written Traditions (1990) by Laura C. Gardner
     - African Storytelling: Oral Traditions (1998) by Cora Agatucci
Using English As If It Is Another Language
    o Okara and the (im)possibility of literal translation
     - Gabriel Okara 
     - The problem with and perhaps a need for translations
     - Chapter 7: Long forms from Garry Gillard's Formal Aspects of Fictive Narrative in Africa (1996)
     - Chapter 14: The allegory: Mirrors of ideology from Hugh Webb's Passionate Spaces (1991)

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