Chapter Five: Using English in Postcolonial Literatures: A Review of Criticism (hyperlinks for some of the sections)

Why Should Literature be Written in English?
o English as an African language
     - Analysing the role of English in African countries by Josef Schmied
     - Paying homage to Guy Butler (Dispatch Online 10 December 2002).
     - Stylistics in Southern Africa: A Pilot Project by Robert de Beaugrande
        Comment on Achebe's view on English for writing African literature
    o English is not an African language
     - African Literature: A Topic as Vast as a Continent (1999) by Lucianne Englert
     - Kiswahili as a National and International Language (pdf) by M.M. Mulokozi
       * Some quotes:
        - 'English is not an African language. English is a very Western language and that by itself prohibits your entry or access to African culture.'
           Mark Mathabane (, 21 Feb 2001),
        - '...every black man and woman must realize that English in NOT our language. Mashada Forum contribution (27 October 2002)
    o English as an Indian language
     - English studies at the crossroads by P K Rajan (The Hindu 14 November 2000)
     - English in India -- and Who Speaks English to Whom and When? by Annika Hohenthal
     - Writing in English in India, again by Rajeswari Sunder Rajan (The Hindu 18 February 2001)
     - "The best Indian authors write in regional languages," interview with Kunal Basu (The Tribune 23 March 2003)
       * Some quotes:
         - 'It is time we realised that English is an Indian language...' Usha K. R.(The Hindu 13 March 2003)
         - 'English is an Indian language anyway!' Aparna Sen (The Hindu 10 September 2002)
         - 'to ask whether English is an Indian language is like asking whether the potato is an Indian vegetable'
            Alan Sealy (Frontline 2-15 March 2002)
         - 'English is not an indian language. So, As far as I am concerned, I don't expect indians to speak english with correct grammer [sic].'
            Comment on V. S. Babu's blog entry, 'So, How Is Bangalore' by 'native'.
    o The Caribbean
     - History of English in the Caribbean (BBC sound file)
     - Walcott on the choice between English and creole (BBC sound file)
     - Caribbean poet Joan Andrea Hutchinson on why Jamaican creole is not a dialect (BBC sound file)

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